Best PTE Speaking Tips To Get 70+ Scores On First Attempt

In today’s blog, we will discuss the PTE speaking Tips.

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is one of the most popular English language exams among Students. This exam is taken by those candidates who want to study abroad. It checks the candidate’s English language skills. PTE is a computer-based English proficiency exam that consists of four sections.

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Listening

PTE speaking is one of the critical components of the PTE Academic exam that plays a significant role in reaching your goals. This blog will provide valuable tips to excel in the PTE Speaking section. Using these tips, you can quickly improve your pronunciation, fluency, and performance in the PTE speaking exam. So, let’s dive in to learn the PTE speaking tips. 

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What is PTE Speaking?

PTE speaking is the first section of the PTE exam, combined with the writing section. The speaking section assesses your speaking, reading, and listening skills. It consists of five different types of questions, and you have only 54 to 67 minutes to complete this. The questions of PTE speaking are:

  1. Read Aloud
  2. Repeat sentence
  3. Describe image
  4. Retell lecture
  5. Answer short question

The PTE speaking evaluates the student’s ability to communicate effectively in spoken English. These five questions assess various elements of speaking skills, including oral fluency, pronunciation, and grammatical accuracy. 

In this section, students need to speak into a microphone, and their responses are recorded and assessed by automated scoring systems. The scores are based on some factors, such as intonation, pronunciation, grammar, and content.

Preparing for the PTE Speaking section usually involves practicing speaking English fluently, improving pronunciation, developing vocabulary, and familiarizing oneself with the exam format and requirements. So, we provide you with some PTE speaking tips, but before this, you need to know its exam pattern. 

PTE Speaking Exam Pattern

Question TypeNo. of questions Task Skill assessed 
Read Aloud6-7In this, you need to read aloud the provided textReading and Speaking
Repeat sentence10-12After listening to the recording, you need to repeat the sentenceListening and Speaking
Describe image6-7Describe the image provided in detailSpeaking
Retell lecture2-4After listening to the lecture, you need to retell it in your own wordsListening and Speaking
Answer short question10-12After listening to the question, you need to speak the answer in a single wordListening and Speaking

So, let us move on to our main topic, “PTE speaking tips.”

Question Wise PTE Speaking Tips

It consists of five types of questions, as mentioned above. If you want to get a good score in the PTE speaking, you need to concentrate on all these questions. So, here are some question-wise PTE speaking tips that will help you to prepare well.

PTE Speaking: Read Aloud

  • From the beginning of preparation, practice with different types of tongue twisters daily until the exam day.
  • Don’t stop and continue speaking if you realize you made a mistake.
  • Speak clearly and confidently, pronouncing each word and maintaining a consistent pace, neither too fast nor too slow.
  • Pay attention to your intonation or stress, highlighting all the main keywords.
  • Practice daily with the correct pronunciation of challenging words or sounds beforehand.
  • Read with a natural fluency, avoiding unnecessary hesitations or interruptions.

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PTE Speaking: Repeat Sentence

  • Develop your vocabulary to understand different words.
  • Practice paraphrasing the sentence in your mind.
  • Use visualization strategies to remember keywords.
  • Improve your pronunciation and intonation through regular practice.
  • Utilize online resources and practice materials for repetition exercises.
  • Listen with closed eyes and try to remember the sentence.
  • There is no beep or sound at the end, so start speaking after the clip ends.

PTE Speaking Tips: Describe Image

  • Start with words like illustrate, depict, elucidates, etc.
  • Analyze the image carefully to know its main components and necessary details.
  • Try to finish the sentence in 30–35 seconds, and don’t leave incomplete recorded sentences.
  • Also, use the following words – on the right side, left-hand side, above, below/bottom, next to, foreground, background, etc.
  • Use specific vocabulary and descriptive language to provide a detailed analysis.
  • Highlight any unique colors, shapes, or textures in the picture.
  • Take note of any trends or patterns that are evident in the image.

PTE Speaking: Retell lecture

  • Take notes to help you remember critical points.
  • Pay attention to the lecture’s tone and focus on specific information.
  • Practice paraphrasing the lecture in your own words.
  • Use transition phrases and words to connect ideas and create a readable retelling.
  • Try to capture the best 3-5 sentences. They should be enough to retell the lecture. 
  • Use appropriate intonation and stress to convey meaning effectively.

PTE Speaking: Answer short question

  • Listen carefully to the question and ensure that you understand it.
  • Add articles (a, an, or the) before some words.
  • If you don’t know the answer, try to repeat the words in the question.
  • Please consider the word limit and ensure your answer fits within it.
  • Avoid using unnecessary filler words or phrases.
  • Keep your answers concise, clear, and to the point.
  • Check and proofread your answers for any mistakes before submitting them.
  • Provide specific details or examples to support your answer.

Some General PTE Speaking Tips

  • First, familiarize yourself with the PTE Speaking test format and instructions earlier.
  • Practice speaking English fluently and confidently in diverse contexts.
  • Only speak after the recording begins. 
  • Watch the pronunciation videos on youtube and other platforms. 
  • Listen to various native English speakers, and watch movies, podcasts, etc., to improve your English skills.
  • Remember, the microphone will stop automatically and stop the recording if you don’t speak for more than 3 seconds.
  • Practice speaking English daily to improve your fluency and pronunciation.
  • Focus on improving your pronunciation, intonation, and stress patterns.
  • Use different vocabulary to express your ideas effectively.
  • Develop good listening skills to understand the spoken prompts clearly.
  • Take notes while listening to the audio prompts to help you organize your thoughts.
  • Use examples and specific details to support your opinions or arguments.
  • Use examples and clear information to support your views or statements.
  • Lastly, check your speaking responses to determine areas for improvement and focus on those skills.

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Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the PTE speaking tips. Mastering the PTE Speaking test requires knowledge, skills, and practice. You can significantly improve your performance by familiarizing yourself with the test format and instructions, practicing fluent and confident speaking, and paying attention to grammar and pronunciation. Effective note-taking, utilizing transitional phrases, and providing examples and details will help you structure your responses coherently. 

Remembering your tone, avoiding repetition, and managing your speaking time are crucial. Ultimately, consistent practice is critical. The more you practice, the more comfortable and prepared you’ll be for the PTE Speaking test, improving your chances of getting a successful result. By using these tips, you can easily score in the speaking section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I improve my speaking in PTE?

Aim to begin discussing potential outcomes and conclusions with around 8 seconds remaining to maximize your speaking test performance. Try to maintain a steady pace with appropriate English rhythm, chunking, and sentence stress when speaking. Avoid changing your accent to imitate a native English speaker.

Q2. What is the 3-second rule in PTE?

When completing writing tasks, stick to the given word limit. During speaking tasks, respond promptly and continue speaking until finished. Remember that the microphone will automatically close after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording.


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