How to Improve Reading in PTE? 8 Best Tips

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is conducted by the Pearson PLC group to check the English Language Proficiency of students who want to go abroad for further education and immigration. There are many universities and colleges in foreign countries that accept PTE scores of students such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. That’s why the PTE test is very much in demand today.

The PTE test has four sections: 

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

In this blog, we will discuss how to improve reading in PTE so that a test-taker can get 90 score in the reading section of the PTE Test. But before coming to the topic, it is very essential to discuss what PTE reading is.

PTE Reading

Many students think Reading is the most difficult module of the PTE Exam. But by working on some PTE reading tips, a student can achieve good scores in the PTE Reading Section. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will discuss some ways of how to improve reading in PTE. 

In the upcoming table, some important information related to PTE Reading is mentioned that a student should know before appearing in the Test.

Duration of PTE Reading30 to 40 minutes
Number of Questions13-18
Number of TasksThere are 5 different types of questions:
Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks
Multiple Choice, multiple answers
Re-order Paragraphs
Fill in the Blanks
Multiple Choice, Single answers

Different Types of Questions in PTE Reading

Before moving onto the effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE. Let’s understand various types of questions that a student might face in the PTE reading so that a test-taker gets familiarized with different types of questions and can secure good scores in the PTE Reading.

In the upcoming table, all the details related to different types of question in PTE Reading is mentioned:

Serial NumberQuestion TypeTaskNumber of QuestionsWord LimitSkills AssessedScoring
1.Reading & Writing: Fill in the BlanksFill correct answers from drop-down option to complete the given paragraph5-6300 wordsReading & WritingPartial Credit Scoring
2.Multiple Choice, multiple answersChoose more than one answer from the given options that you think are correct1-2300 wordsReadingPartial Credit Scoring
3.Re-order ParagraphsIn this you have to put the paragraphs in the correct order2-3150 wordsReadingPartial Credit Scoring
4.Fill in the BlanksInsert the correct option in the gap of the paragraph. Remember the given options are more than the Gaps of the paragraphs.4-580 wordsReadingPartial Credit Scoring
5.Multiple Choice, Single answersChoose one correct answer of the question from the given options1-2300 wordsReadingNo score is given for wrong or no response

So, in the given table we have discussed the tasks related to each question with their word limit, scoring system, and the skills that are assessed by the examiner during PTE Reading Section. 

Effective Tips & Tricks on How to Improve Reading in PTE?

There are many effective reading tips in PTE. I assure you, if you implement all effective tips & tricks in your PTE reading practice phase, you will definitely get a 90 score in your Reading Section.

Now let’s have a look at the various effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE are given here:

  1. Improve your English Grammar & Vocabulary

Having a basic understanding of grammar will not improve your reading skills. So work on improving your English Grammar & Vocabulary. To develop a broad range of vocabulary, start reading wisely on the academic topic. Some reading topics by which you can start practicing reading are humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. 

  1. Increase your ability to Read Comprehension

By practicing reading daily, the students can develop the habit of reading comprehension with more understanding and good speed. Furthermore, Practicing Regularly will not only improve your reading ability but also improve your English vocabulary. That’s why, make a habit of Reading books, novels, and newspapers daily.

This is one of the most effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE.  

  1. Practice Sample Papers Daily

Make a habit of practicing Reading Sample papers two times a day. Because due to that you will get familiarized with the type of question. And by knowing different types of questions and practicing them daily you will surely improve your score. 

Furthermore, check your answers after solving the sample paper so that you get to know your weaknesses. However, by assessing the weaknesses and working on them daily you will see an increment in your scores.

Various websites provide sample papers for practice on PTE Reading such as:

  1. Practice Time Management

In addition to practicing mock tests daily, practicing time management also helps a test-taker. Because by practicing the sample papers daily, your vocabulary will be improved, you get to know your weaknesses, and you will be able to complete the reading section on time.

Furthermore, if a student does not practice mock tests, then they will take a lot of time in understanding the question, reading it, and further answering the questions. That’s why develop good reading skills during the practice phase so you can learn to manage your time more productively.

  1. Scanning and Skimming

This trick is used by a student to manage time more effectively. Scanning and Skimming here represent that a student should read the question first before starting to read the paragraphs. So that a test-taker gets a rough idea of the type of question and related context.

This is also among one the effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE as by quickly skimming through the text, the test-taker gets an overall idea of the text. This will help you in saving your time as you locate the answers soon.

  1. Highlight the Keywords

Always remember to highlight the keywords such as facts, figures, names, and locations as it will save you time in allocating your answers soon. Firstly, analyze the text and then highlight the keywords you think match your question. 

  1. Use an Elimination Strategy

Using an elimination strategy is good when you are getting confused about the right answer. This strategy works very powerfully in answering difficult multiple-choice questions of PTE reading.

In this, you can eliminate the possibilities you think are irrelevant and you will most probably get the right answer. This strategy is used by a test-taker when they get unsure about the right answer.

  1. Use Right Collocation & Idioms

Collocation happens when some words are often linked together to form a familiar or common phrase. So by using the trick of filling the blanks with common collocation for a specific word a test-taker quickly identifies the answer.

It is also among one of the effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE.

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How to Improve PTE Reading Score?

This Question comes to the mind of every student who is going to appear in the PTE Test: how to improve PTE Reading Score? Well by working on your PTE reading tips you will score 90 in PTE reading.

All the effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE will work for you if you implement all these strategies such as practicing daily, effectively managing the time, using elimination strategy, understanding the text and highlighting the keywords, and so on, in your practicing phase you will get a good score.

Best Books for PTE Reading Practice

There are several books available in the market for PTE Reading Practice that you can purchase to improve your PTE reading. Some best books are:

  • An Introduction to PTE Academic
  • PTE Practice Test Plus with Answer Key
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic published by Pearson PLC Group

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed different types of questions in PTE Reading, some effective tips & tricks on how to improve reading in PTE, how to improve PTE reading score, and the best books for PTE reading practice.

I hope all the mentioned effective tips & tricks such as practicing mock tests daily, practicing time management, using scanning & skimming and elimination strategy, and so on, will help you score 90 in your PTE Exam.

Do implement all these effective tips & tricks in your practice phase because it will help you in achieving your primary goal of going abroad. For more interesting content, do visit our website again. Till then, Best of Luck to you for your PTE preparation and Exam.


How can I improve my reading skill in PTE?

By focusing on various effective tips & tricks you can improve your reading skill for PTE. Such as:
Build your vocabulary
Understand the Text 
Highlight the Keywords
Use elimination strategy
Practice Time Management and so on.

What are the best books for PTE Reading Practice?

There are a number of books available for PTE Reading Practice. But some of the best books are:
An Introduction to PTE Academic
PTE Practice Test Plus with Answer Key
Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
The Official Guide to PTE Academic published by Pearson PLC Group


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