Duolingo Score: Score Range, Scorecard & Score Comparison

Duolingo English test (DET) scores are calculated in the range of 10 to 160. Duolingo score depends upon the adaptive test. Students receive their test scores within 48 hours of taking the test date. The Duolingo test scorecard provides all the information about students, their subscores, and their overall score performance. Students can send their test scores to colleges or universities in selected countries. 

DET scores are calculated based on various factors, such as the number of words learned, the number of lessons completed, the accuracy of answers on practice exercises, and other activities within the app. The higher you achieve the DET scores, the easier your admission chances and the more advanced the learner. The scorecard shows students’ progress and motivates them to continue knowing and practicing their skills. In this blog, we will discuss the Duolingo scorecard, score range, and the score difference between PTE, IELTS, and Duolingo. 

DET Score Range

The overall Duolingo English test results are provided on a scale from 10 to 160, with scores ranging in multiples of 5. The results of the Duolingo English Test contain a thorough and distinctive scoring system that evaluates the candidate’s skill in several areas. The Duolingo English Test results align with the Common European Framework of Reference, the global language ability benchmark (CEFR). The Duolingo Test score ranges gives an overview of a student’s level of language comprehension.

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Duolingo Score Validity And What is a Good Duolingo Test Score? 

The results of the Duolingo English Test are valid for only two years. You will receive your test results within 48 hours after taking the exam, as was previously mentioned. You can send them to your favorite institutions when the results are available. There is no restriction on how many colleges or universities you can send the same to for free.

A good Duolingo English Test score is generally defined as an overall score of 120 or higher with subscores above the score of 100. Many top institutions accept this Duolingo English Test score range.

Analysis Of the Duolingo Score 

DET exam has been developed to evaluate real-world language ability by measuring the candidate’s writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills. The Candidates’ ability is calculated as a score ranging from 10 to 160. 

Proficiency Duolingo Score Analysis 
Basic10-55Basic English phrases and words knowledge. It shows the ability to define yourself in a familiar context.
Intermediate60-85It describes opinions, experiences, and plans with some hesitation. Students understand the critical points of writing or speech in routine matters like school and work. 
Upper-Intermediate90-115Communicate well on unfamiliar topics and easily interact with trained speakers. They can understand the essential ideas of concrete and abstract writing. 
Advanced125-160Students can understand figurative, idiomatic, pragmatic, and implicit language. It can also use this language effectively and flexibly for academic, social, and professional purposes. 

Duolingo Test Score Card 

The Duolingo test scorecard is the certificate the students receive within 48 hours after taking the exam. This scorecard or score report consists of the overall scores of the Duolingo test. The Duolingo exam results are distributed as subscores to calculate every skill of candidates. 

DET Overall Score

The total score for the Duolingo English Test is between 10 and 160. A general evaluation of the students is also included in the overall Duolingo English Test score. The total Duolingo English exam scores are not the average of the subscores; it should be noted. The primary goal of the overall score is to highlight the candidate’s main skills and strengths.

DET Subscores

The subscore’s function is to evaluate a candidate’s success according to particular skills in the Duolingo English exam format. It evaluates a candidate’s understanding and analysis of English in certain contexts. There are four sections to the Duolingo English Test subscores. The subscores for the Duolingo English Test are each scored between 10 to 160.

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Duolingo Score Scale

To know the Duolingo test score range descriptively, the table below shows the score range of both Duolingo overall and the subscores. 

Overall Scores General Description score 10 to 160 Analysis 
Conversation10 to 160In this section, the students are tested on their speech and listen to ability through a video interview of 10 minutes. 
Literacy10 to 160In this section, the students are tested on their reading and writing abilities. 
Comprehension10 to 160This section evaluates the candidates listening and reading skills. 
Production10 to 160In this section, the students are tested on their speaking and writing abilities. 

How to Check DET Scores? 

The scorecard that is provided on the Duolingo English Test website allows students to view their test results. The results of the Duolingo English test are available to candidates 48 hours after the test has been finished. The steps below allow candidates to download their Duolingo English Test score report:

  1. First, visit the official Duolingo website
  2.  Then log in and give all the details that students use during the registration process.
  3. View the Score Report Option
  4. Click on the Print option after viewing the score report
  5. At last, you can download your test results in PDF format.

DET Score Certificate

The candidate can see, download, or print their Duolingo English test certificates according to their needs. Every single test-taker receives their Duolingo English Test certificate. Candidates will find a special URL that enables them to accept the validity of the test in the Duolingo English Test score certificate. Candidates will also find the following information on the Duolingo English Test certificate:

  1. Student’s Name 
  2. Date of the exam
  3. Overall Duolingo Score
  4. Subscores
  5. Description of every subscore

The DET scorecard shows candidates’ scores for various test sections:

  1. Literacy (reading and writing)
  2. Comprehension (reading and listening)
  3. Conversation (listening and speaking)
  4. Production (writing and speaking)

Your performance is improved when your Duolingo scores high.

Duolingo Score Vs IELTS Score Comparison 

DuolingoIELTS Academic
160      8.5-9
140-145            7.5
130-135            7
120-125            6.5
105-115            6
95–100           5.5
65-75  4.5
10-60  0-4

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In this blog, we have discussed the Duolingo test scores. Firstly, we provide score range, validity, and a good score for Duolingo. After this, we give the analysis of the Duolingo score and scorecard. Last, we provide how to check scores and compare Duolingo and IELTS scores. I hope you learned many things. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is the 110 Duolingo score good?

Thus, a Duolingo test score of 110 or more is considered good. A Duolingo exam score of higher than 120 is considered excellent.

Q2. Is a Passport compulsory for Duolingo?

To register for Duolingo, you must have a valid ID with you. So, just having a passport is not required. You can show any valid id.


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