What Is The PTE Reading Test Format And Exam Pattern?

Today’s blog will discuss the marking criteria, the PTE reading test format, and the exam pattern.

Reading is the 2nd module of the PTE test. PTE Reading tests the student’s ability to write and read in English, consisting of 29-30 minutes. The PTE reading test includes five different types of questions that are given below. 

Types Of Questions In PTE Reading Test Format

There are five different types of questions in the PTE Reading Test format, including.

  1. Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks
  2. Multiple choice, Multiple answers
  3. Re-order paragraphs
  4. Multiple-choice, Single answers
  5. Fill in the blanks

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Reading And Writing: Fill In The Blanks

Candidates in the Reading Writing Blanks PTE will be given a reading passage of about 300 words. There will be some blank text areas, which stand in for missing keywords. 

It would help if you chose the correct word from a drop-down option that appears after clicking on the blank box to complete each sentence.

You are advised not to leave any blanks on the test even if you are unsure of the answer because you will receive credit for each accurate word you add to the paragraph.

Remember that none of the reading activities are timed separately, so you have a total of 29 to 30 minutes to finish the PTE reading test.

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

It is the second type of question in the PTE Reading test format.

This PTE reading test question focuses on multiple-choice answers. Before reading the statements, read the PTE reading question aloud and make sure you fully understand it. 

It will help you come to the correct response. The structure resembles MCQs and has a single option and a 300-word prompt. Additionally, you have the choice of revising your chosen answer. 

The recommended time for each PTE reading question is 3 to 4 minutes. To improve their knowledge, candidates should prepare with PTE reading practice and go through it with answers.

Re-order Paragraphs

In this module, sentences are given randomly, and you must arrange them correctly. In this case, the most important step in creating a good formation is placing the phrases correctly. Use the “dragging and dropping” menu item or the arrow buttons on the screen. Each one needs a tap before being dragged into the blank text area.

Multiple choice, Choose Single Answers

It is the fourth type of question in the PTE Reading test format.

The PTE Multiple Single Choice Answer is a  section of the reading tasks that features a question about 300 words long. Since it is the most important portion of the question, test-takers must carefully read the question prompt before choosing the best response from the choices. Time management is essential for the PTE reading section; therefore, aim to complete the multiple choice questions in under 2 to 3 minutes.

Reading: Fill In The Blanks

A list of specific words is mentioned in small boxes at the bottom of the screen. The proper word must be dragged to the text’s matching blank area with your mouse. 

It is advised that you fill in every gap in the paragraph since you will receive points for every correct word you use, even if you are still determining your response. 

The questions in this part are based on reading PTE blanks, for which more word alternatives are provided than blank spaces; only use those that fit in the allotted space. 

Since none of the reading assignments are timed individually, the reading blanks PTE is designed with all the sections in mind.

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Exam Pattern Of PTE Reading Test Format 

Here is the table of the PTE reading exam pattern. 

Question Type Skill assessed No. of QuestionsPrompt length
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanksReading and Writing 5-6 Text upto 300 words 
Multiple choice, choose Multiple answersReading 1-2Text upto 300 words 
Re-order paragraphsReading 2-3Text upto 150 words 
Multiple choice, choose Single answersReading 1-2Text upto 300 words 
Reading: Fill in the blanksReading 4-5Text upto 80 words 

Marking Criteria For PTE Reading Test Format 

Here is the table of marking criteria for PTE reading.

Question Type Scoring system Scores 
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanksPartial Credit Correct answer – 1 
Multiple choice, choose Multiple answersPartial Credit Correct answer – 1
Incorrect answer-  -1 
Re-order paragraphsPartial Credit Correct answer – 1 
(If your entire section is in the proper order)
Multiple choice, choose Single answersPartial Credit Correct answer – 1
Incorrect answer – 0
Reading: Fill in the blanksPartial Credit Correct answer – 1 

PTE Reading Tips 

Here are some PTE preparation tips for the PTE reading exam format, which will help the students to prepare well and get good scores. 

  1. You can practice PTE online reading.
  2. Give PTE mock reading tests.
  3. Grammar rules should be learned.
  4. Understand the meaning of the passage.
  5. Practice vocabulary from different books and also check online.
  6. Look for the essential ideas and move with the supporting ideas and facts.
  7. Along with PTE reading, do practice with PTE speaking question types for simultaneous practice.
  8. Practice time management by spending time and practicing on the PTE reading question types.
  9. You need to follow the PTE tutorials in the exam.

PTE Academic is a multi-level exam, similar to other exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo, to evaluate students’ English language skills. Achieving a good score on the PTE exam helps you study abroad. By using these tips, you can earn a good score.

Books For Preparation Of PTE Reading 

Here are some books for the Preparation of PTE reading

  1. PTE Practice Test with Answer Key 
  2. Aspire C1 Practice Tests 
  3. PTE Academic Vocabulary Practice Book with Answers and Practice
  4. The Official Guide to PTE Academic By Pearson.
  5. Books 1 and 2 of Expert PTE Academic Coursebook

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the exam pattern of the PTE Reading test format, the types of questions, and the marking criteria of PTE reading.

At the end of the blog, we provide a list of some books and tips for PTE reading sections. This information will help you for preparing for PTE.

I hope you learn a lot. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How many questions are there in the PTE Reading test format? 

This section contains 15-20 questions. 

Q2. How do I Practice PTE Reading?

To practice in PTE, here are some tips
1. Build on your Vocabulary
2. Don’t ignore technicalities
3. Time management is important in the Reading section
4. Grammar is extensively crucial in this section.


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