How To Apply For A Singapore Visa?

Despite being a small island nation, Singapore is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. It’s now easier than ever to get a Singapore visa online! Visa Lounge is the perfect resource for you whether you want information about Singapore visa requirements for Indian nationals or wish to apply for a Singapore visa online. Furthermore, the application process for your Singapore tourist visa couldn’t be simpler! So why are you still waiting? Plan your upcoming trip to Singapore.

Anyone who wants to visit Singapore for tourism purposes can apply for a visa through the official website. If you intend to visit Singapore for business or pleasure, the city’s first-rate public transit system and large English-speaking population will make the entire process a breeze.

However, you must determine the Singapore visa application process and length of stay in order to visit the nation. So, this blog helps you to understand How To Apply For Singapore Visa.

In this blog, we will discuss about How To Apply For A Singapore Visa, steps for apply, Require documents, processing time and so on. Let’s start.

Steps For How To Apply For A Singapore Visa

Any of the recognized organizations approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is where you can submit an application for a Singapore visa. When you present the necessary documentation, such as the following, your visa application will approve:

  • Form 14A, which has been completed and signed by you.
  • A passport that has at least six months of validity.
  • At least 2 most recent passport photos.

You can obtain a Singapore visa from India in one of three methods. No matter what method you choose, you may implement it using the same general procedures:

Choose the type of Singapore visa you want

There are numerous sorts of Singapore Visas that Indians can apply for, which can be a little complicated. 

Collect the proper documents

A set of supporting documents is the second and most crucial need for all visa applications. Although some documents may vary from one Visa to another, you can count on having the most common ones on hand. Furthermore, these documents include your current passport and other travel-related documents.

The Singapore Visa Application form must be complete

Form 14A, which is used to apply for a Singapore visa, is one of the primary prerequisites. However, finishing it is not too difficult. But later in this essay, I’ll describe how you can submit the Singapore Visa application form online.

Singapore Visa Online Application

Singapore Visa Online Application: It is simple and easy to complete. Furthermore, You might be confused by the options you must choose when submitting an online Singapore Visa application, too. Never worry about it. We will help you.

Where Can I Apply For A Visa To Singapore?

There are various ways to apply for an Indian-Singapore visa. However, there are a few variables that will affect how you apply for a visa to visit Singapore. But do not worry; the following is a list of the simplest procedures for obtaining a Singapore visa from India:

  • Apply through website

When you use a website to submit your application, you can sit back, unwind, and let them do everything. It has never been simpler for Indians to obtain a Singapore visa.

  • Apply through a visa agent

The Singapore Government has authorized visa agents and local contacts to issue Indian nationals with Singapore visas. Keep in mind that this person needs a SingPass.

  • Apply online at the Singapore Government website

Online applications are accepted there. Moreover, Going to the Embassy is no longer necessary. You can apply for some Singapore visas from the convenience of your couch. 

Requirements For Singapore VISA Eligibility

Documents Required

  1. Original Passport

A valid Indian passport with at least a six-month expiration date

  1.  Application Form

The applicant must complete and properly sign one visa application form. In addition, If you are applying under the age of 18, please have one of your parents sign page number 3 of the application.

  1. Pictures

3 recent color 35mm X 45mm photographs, 70% to 80% facial coverage, both ears visible, White backdrop, Matt finishing.

  1. Covering Letter

The applicant’s cover letter should include their name, passport information, residential address, date of travel, length of stay, and information about the costs associated with their visit.

  1. Leave Letter

The company must provide a leave letter stating the applicant’s name, passport information, date of travel, and reason for the visit.

  1. If applying for a business visa

You will need an invitation letter from the counterpart company, which must include the applicant’s name, passport information, travel dates, length of stay, and any expenses that will be covered by the counterpart company during the applicant’s visit.

  1. Financial document

Bank statement for the most recent three months, updated.

  1. Air tickets

Confirm your air tickets for the return flight.

These are the documents that are required for how to apply for a Singapore visa.

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Processing Time Of Singapore Visa

With the exception of Saturday, Sunday, and any Singapore Holidays, the normal processing time is four to five Singapore Working Days. It can take longer if it’s pending with the security department. Furthermore, The Singaporean government has sole discretion over whether to grant or deny a visa. 

Singapore Visa Fees

Visa TypesNormal Price (INR)Express Price (INR)Entry
30 Days Tourist Visa2600NAMultiple

30 Days Business Visa

How can I find my visa application?

You can log in to  to see the status of your application. Select “Check Status” from the webpage menu, then select “Entry Visa.” You can click “Status Enquiry” at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, you can complete the information and press the next button to review your application.

Types of Singapore visa 

Singapore offers two popular visa types: tourist and business. But if you have a passport or other travel document that was issued in Singapore, please be aware that you can enter Singapore without a visa if you have a diplomatic, official, or service passport.

  • Tourist visa for Singapore
  • Business visa for Singapore

Tourist visa for Singapore

Singapore welcomes travelers, and you can organize your trip by requesting a tourist visa. This is the ideal approach to go about a place when you have a 30-day visa.

Documents for a tourist visa

  • A passport that is still valid six months after the visa application deadline
  • Have at least two blank passport pages available.
  • A confirmed return Flight ticket and proof of lodging (hotel with complete address and contact number)
  • Application for a visa
  • A current passport photo on a white background (size 35 mm x 45 mm, at least 2 photos)
  • a bank’s signature on a six-month worth of bank statements official
  • Travel insurance with an SGD 30000 minimum level of protection
  • A 48-hour RT-PCR test result that is negative or, in both cases, a vaccination certificate.

Visitor visa expiration

The duration of the tourist visa is one to three months. It may also be prolonged for up to two years (at the discretion of the Embassy).

Duration of stay for tourists

Singapore allows visitors to stay for up to 30 days, but immigration decides how long they can stay.

Business visa for Singapore

Since Singapore is a financial center, many business tycoons visit the island nation each year to do business or work. In addition to the additional documentation needed to prove your right to stay, the Singapore visa has the same conditions as the tourist visa.

Eligibility for business visa

  • A passport from India is required.
  • A round-trip flight from Singapore
  • Your passport must be in good standing for at least six months after the date of travel.
  • Proof of accommodation is required.
  • Finished payment procedures
  • A letter of invitation from the firm or justification for a business visa is required.
  • Documents for a business visa
  • Original cover letter from an Indian corporation addressed to “The Visa Officer, Singapore Consulate.”
  • Letter of invitation from the Singaporean business
  • 3 most recent pay stubs
  • The sponsorship’s proof (if any)
  • A passport that is still valid six months after the visa application deadline
  • Have at least two blank passport pages available.
  • A confirmed return flight ticket and proof of accommodation (hotel with complete address and contact number)
  • Current passport photo on a white background (size 35 mm x 45 mm, at least 2 photos)
  • A bank’s sign on a six-month worth of bank statements official
  • Travel insurance with an SGD 30.000 minimum level of protection plus a negative RT-PCR test result (48 hours prior to departure)
  • Alternatively, both vaccination records.

Business visa validity

The business visa’s validity is for 1 to 3 months. It can also be extended up to 2 years (at the discretion of the Embassy).

Stay duration of business visa

The stay period in Singapore is up to 30 days; however, it is determined by immigration.

Can Indians easily obtain a Singapore visa?

Yes, obtaining a Singapore visa from India is more straightforward than from other nations. The process for obtaining a visa is simpler because more tourists are visiting Singapore.

Moreover, Using E-visa, which has substantially shortened the application process, Indian passport holders can now swiftly obtain a Singapore tourist visa. In addition, The government website of the country you desire to visit also makes it simple to apply for a normal Singapore Visit Visa for Indians.

Conclusion (How To Apply For A Singapore Visa)

In this blog, we discussed how to apply for a Singapore visa. Also, we discussed the types and steps for applying for a visa in Singapore. 

Getting a visa for Singapore is not very difficult if you have proper and real documents. We also discussed where you could easily apply for a Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is an Indian application for a visa to Singapore rejected?

You must provide a declaration explaining why you lack the documents if they are listed on the consulate’s checklist. Furthermore, your visa application may be rejected in many instances for lack of or falsified documentation. Regional language documents cannot be accepted.

Q2. Is it hard to get a visa to Singapore?

Comparing Singapore to other Southeast Asian nations and other comparable locations, obtaining a work visa is easier. Moreover, Singapore has many different sorts of work visas, and they vary depending on your salary, skill level, and experience.


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