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In today’s blog, we will discuss the Duolingo test pattern.

Duolingo English Test (DET) is the most popular and the latest edition exam in the list of English language proficiency tests for those students who like to evaluate their English language proficiency. This test was launched in 2016 but became popular during the covid because of its benefits. This exam is less time-consuming and cheaper exam compared to other English language proficiency exams.

When the DET exam was launched then, it was not accepted by all nations. Still, now it is accepted by many top universities and colleges in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. As this exam is becoming popular among students, it is necessary to know the Duolingo English test pattern. So, in this blog, we will discuss the Duolingo test pattern, but before discussing it, you need to understand what is Duolingo. 

What Is Duolingo Exam?

Duolingo exam is a computer-based English language exam. This test was developed in 2016 and developed by Education Technology Company Duolingo. It checks the student’s English language proficiency in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. To take this test, students don’t need to go to any exam center, you can take this exam from their homes. The fee of Duolingo is $49 or around INR 4054. But you only required such things to take the test.

  1. A valid passport ( as proof of identity)
  2. A quiet and well-lit room
  3. Good Internet 
  4. A webcam 
  5. A PC or laptop with speakers
  6. Supported browser (Opera or Chrome)

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Duolingo Test Pattern Highlights

Test Name Duolingo English Test (DET)
Types of QuestionsObjective + Descriptive 
Duration 60 minutes 
Fees $49 or around INR 4054
Test Pattern Introduction – 5 minutes
Adaptive test – 45 minutes
Writing and speaking sample – 10 minutes

Duolingo Test Pattern 

Introduction5 minutes
Adaptive test (Graded)45 minutes
Writing and speaking sample (Ungraded)10 minutes
Total time 60 minutes 

The Duolingo is online 1-hour test is divided into 3 sections, Introduction, Adaptive test, and writing and speaking sample. Below, we provide the details of each section of the Duolingo test pattern. 

Section 1: Introduction 

During Introduction, the system (AI) will check, if your microphone, camera, and speakers are working properly. You also need to submit your Government issued ID or passport for verification. You will also go over the exam’s regulations and guidelines before proceeding to the next section, the Adaptive Test.

Section 2: Adaptive Test 

This section examines your answers to the questions in order to determine your command of the English language. Note that there are no fixed numbers for the questions in this section Duolingo test pattern. Before the Test is over, the AI will decide if you have given sufficient details to be checked.

The AI calculates your score using the subscores that the Test assigns, such as literacy, comprehension, conversation, and production. Expect questions about the following patterns:

  1. Read and complete
  2. Read and select
  3. Listen and select
  4. Listen and type
  5. Read aloud
  6. Write about the photo
  7. Speak about photo
  8. Read and write
  9. Read and speak
  10. Listen and speak

Section 3: Writing and Speaking Sample

Your writing and speaking English fluency will be tested in this ungraded section. You’ll have 30 seconds to select a question to answer. You might be asked to give a brief description of a picture, discuss a given situation, or talk for a few minutes about a certain topic. For the video-speaking portion, you will have three minutes, and the written sample will take five minutes.

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Duolingo Test pattern (Question types) 

S. NoQuestion TypeSubscoresDurationNo. of Questions
1Read and complete (fill in the blank)Literacy, Comprehension3 minutes5 – 6
2Read and select (select correct spellings)Literacy, Comprehension1 minute5 – 6
3Listen and select (select correctly pronounced words)Comprehension, Conversation1 minute 30 seconds5 – 6
4Listen and types (Listen and type the sentence)Comprehension, Conversation1 minute5 – 6
5Read aloud Comprehension, Conversation20 seconds5 – 6
6Write about photo Production, Literacy1 minute2 – 3
7Speak about photoProduction, Conversation30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds1
8Read and write (answer the question)Conversation, Production5 minutes1
9Listen and speak (answer the question)Conversation, Production30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds2
10Read and speak (answer the question)Conversation, Production30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds1

Read and complete

Students will be asked to fill in the blanks in a paragraph in this question. Here, you need to type the characters that are missing to make the words complete. During the exam, this question might be asked 5 to 6 more times.

Read and select 

You will see a list of words in this question type, so you will have to choose the words that are spelled correctly. During the exam, this question is asked between 5 to 6 times.

Listen and select

Students will be given nine recordings for this question, and they will need to choose the words that are pronounced correctly after listening to the recordings.

During the exam, this question is asked between 5 to 6 times.

Listen and type 

The students will hear a sentence in this question, and they will need to write it exactly as they hear it. The recording can be played three times.

During the exam, this question is asked 5 to 6 times.

Read aloud 

In this question, students are asked to read the paragraph that appears on their computer screen. Only 20 seconds will be given to the students for recording.

During the exam, this question is also asked 5 to 6 times.

Write About Photo

In this type of question, students must required to write information about an image that will be displayed on the screen.

During the exam, this question might be asked 2 or 3 more times.

Speak About Photo

In this type of question, students are required to discuss the image they can see on their computer screen.

This type of question are asked only 1 time.

Read And Write

In this type of question, you will be asked to write about a statement that appears on the computer screen.

You will have a total of 5 minutes to write the statement.

Listen And Speak

In this question, there will be a recording that students will hear and they will be asked to speak about the topic given on that recording. 

During the exam, this type of question will come only 1 or 2 times

Read And Speak

In this question type, students will be required to talk for at least 30 seconds and up to 90 seconds about a question or topic that appears on their computer screen.

During the exam this question appears only 1 time.

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In this blog, we have discussed the Duolingo test pattern. First, we provide what is Duolingo, exam highlights and their exam pattern and their sections. After this, we explain all the types of questions in detail that are asked in the exam. I hope all your queries are solved and you learned many things about the Duolingo test pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many times can I take the Duolingo test?

You can use Duolingo as many times as you like, but you can only use it twice in a 30-day period. You could retake the test if your results are not good.

Q2. Is Duolingo accepted for a visa?

Yes, the Duolingo exam is accepted for a study visa.


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