PTE Listening Test Format, Question Types, Scores, And Tips

Today’s blog will discuss the PTE Listening test, its question types, and exam pattern and provide the scoring system. 

PTE listening is the last and essential module in the PTE exam, which evaluates your English language proficiency. This module measures candidates’ ability to learn spoken English in studies, real life, lectures, presentations, and conversations, and it helps them build their English speaking and listening abilities. In this, their questions are related to academic studies subjects like humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. So, let us move on to the PTE listening test questions types and formats. 

Overview Of the PTE Listening Test 

The PTE listening test consists of 8 different types of questions. To complete these questions, you have only 45 to 57 minutes. The listening sections questions include such as:

  • Summarize spoken test 
  • Fill in the blanks 
  • Multiple choice: choose various.  
  • Highlight the correct summary 
  • Multiple choice: choose a single answer 
  • Highlight incorrect words 
  • Select the missing word 
  • Write from the dictation

Below is the table of the PTE listening module. 

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Question Type Skill Need Scores 
Summarize spoken test Listening and WritingPartial Credit
Fill in the blanks Listening and WritingPartial Credit
Multiple choice: choose various.  ListeningPartial Credit
Highlight the correct summary Listening and ReadingCorrect/Incorrect
Multiple choice: choose a  single answer ListeningCorrect/Incorrect
Highlight incorrect words ListeningPartial Credit
Select the missing word ListeningCorrect/Incorrect
Write from the dictation Listening and WritingPartial Credit

Summarize spoken test 

In this task, candidates must listen to the recording and write a summary of 50 to 70 words. The listening summary PTE task has a 10-minute time limit for completion, and you must listen to an audio recording for 60 to 90 seconds to complete the PTE summary spoken test. Consider using the cut, copy, and paste tools included in the PTE summarise spoken test.

Fill in the blanks 

The candidate must listen to an audio recording to complete the text blanks for this task. To complete this, you must write the missing words exactly as you heard on the audio. This task’s prompt will last for 30 to 60 seconds. On the screen, there are some gaps in a text of a recording. Fill up each blank with the appropriate word after listening to the recording. You must listen to the task audio, which starts playing automatically. Click the left mouse button in each space, then type the word that appears there. You can also use the Tab key on the keyboard to move between gaps.

Multiple choice: choose various Answers 

In this task, you must choose from various options related to the audio you were given. 40 to 90 seconds are provided for the task’s prompt. You must select from many relevant choices to match the audio to respond to this appropriately. With your mouse’s left button pressed, click an option to choose it. Left-click the option once more to deselect it if you decide to reconsider. Your chosen selections are highlighted in yellow.

Highlight the correct summary

You will be asked to listen to an audio recording. After finishing the audio, you will be asked to choose the most suitable summary of the lectures. The task’s prompt has a 30-90 second time limit. There are various possible answers, but only one is the right one. Use the left mouse button to click on an option to choose it. If you change your mind, left-click the selected option to deselect it or choose another one. Your preferred choice is highlighted in yellow.

Multiple choice: choose a single answer 

After listening to the audio, you must select the response that best describes the audio in this task. 30-90 seconds are given for the prompt. Candidates must choose the option from various choices that fit the situation. Use the left mouse button to click on an option to choose it. If you change your mind, left-click the selected option to deselect it or choose another one. Your preferred choice is highlighted in yellow.

Highlight incorrect words 

It would be best to highlight the incorrect words in the audio while using the PTE’s highlight incorrect words tool. For the same transcript, an audio clip will be played. You must identify and choose the words (by left-clicking on them) that differ from the terms in the audio clip’s lecture. This task will take 15 to 50 seconds to complete. Use the left mouse button to click on an option to choose it. If you change your mind, left-click the selected option to deselect it or choose another one. Your chosen choice is highlighted in yellow.

Select the missing word

The candidate must listen to an audio clip, including the word “beep,” to finish choosing the missing word task. He must also select a suitable term to replace the beep. This task has a 20–70 second time limit for the prompt. Use the left mouse button to click on an option to choose it. If you change your mind, left-click the selected option to deselect it or choose another one. Your preferred choice is highlighted in yellow.

Write from the dictation

Candidates for the PTE listening write-from dictation test must listen to an audio clip that automatically plays a sentence. The candidate must write the exact sentence. This task will have a 3-5 second time limit. Candidates are allowed to write and use erasable notes. Please double-check your spelling after completing the assessment.

Pattern Of PTE Listening Test Pattern

Type No. of questions Prompt Duration
Summarize spoken test 1-260-90 seconds
Fill in the blanks 2-330-60 seconds
Multiple choice: choose various answers1-240-90 seconds
Highlight the correct summary 1-230-90 seconds
Multiple choice: choose a  single answer 1-230-60 seconds
Highlight incorrect words 2-320-70 seconds
Select the missing word 1-230-60 seconds
Write from the dictation. 3-43-5 seconds

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Marking Criteria for PTE Listening Test 

Question Type Score 
Summarize spoken test Maximum score – 10Content – 2  Form – 2 Spelling – 2 Grammar – 2 Vocabulary – 2 
Fill in the blanks Correct answers – 1, But your spelling will be accurate.  
Multiple choice: choose various answersCorrect answers – 1 Incorrect answer –  -1 
Highlight the correct summary correct/incorrect 
Multiple choice: choose a  single answer correct/incorrect 
Highlight incorrect words Correct answer – 1 Incorrect answer –  -1 
Select the missing word correct/incorrect 
Write from the dictation. Correct answer – 1 The words will be placed in the proper order, and the spelling will be correct.  

How To Improve PTE Listening 

  1. Listen to English movies, podcasts, news, and videos regularly to improve your listening skill.
  2. Understand all the question types that are asked in the listening module. 
  3. Carry notes while listening to keep information and remember the essential details.
  4. Improve your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases daily.
  5. Use practice materials or mock tests to familiarize yourself with PTE question types and formats.
  6. Take feedback from your teacher to identify the section that needs improvement and receive guidance on improving.


In this blog, we have discussed the PTE listening exam format and question types. The PTE listening test is an important section of the PTE exam, and improving your listening skills can significantly improve your test scores. In the PTE listening test, it is important to practice regularly, understand the question types, take practice tests, improve vocabulary, listen carefully, use practice materials, develop concentration skills, and focus on sentence stress and rhythm. These tips can improve your PTE listening skills and increase your chances of success on the PTE exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the format of the PTE Listening Test?

The PTE Listening Test consists of eight different types of questions, including multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, highlighting correct summary, select the missing word, highlight incorrect words, and write from dictation. You will listen to many audio recordings and answer questions based on your hearing.

Q2. How long does the PTE Listening Test take?

The PTE Complete listening test takes approximately 45-57 minutes, but the time of each question depends on their type.


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