How To Book Duolingo – 10 Easy Steps

In today’s blog, we will discuss how to book Duolingo. 

To study abroad, you must take the English language exam or complete it and score well as proof of language proficiency.  PTE, IELTS, and Duolingo are the exams you can take to go abroad.  Duolingo is one of the best and most popular exams among students, and more than 4000 institutes accept it.

To take the exam, you need to know the registration process. The registration process for the Duolingo exam is simple, quick and painless. The main benefit of this registration is that you don’t need to go to any exam center, and you can register yourself at your home or any place. So, in this blog, we will guide you on how to book Duolingo exam and the basic requirements you must have to take the exam. 

But, before knowing the Duolingo registration process, you need to know the basic requirements and the documents.

Basic Requirements Or Documents For Duolingo 

For the Duolingo exam, you need some items mentioned below.

  1. Your driving license, passport, or Government Id proof
  2. A quiet room
  3. 1-hour free time
  4. A computer or laptop
  5. A good internet or wifi connection
  6. A supported browser such as Bing,  Google chrome or opera
  7. A front-facing camera
  8. A speakers
  9. A microphone

Note:- Headphones are not allowed in the Duolingo exam. During the Duolingo test, it is important to note that your microphone and the front-facing camera are always on and in working condition. 

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Steps On How to Book Duolingo

Any student from around the world can do Duolingo Test online exam registration using the official Duolingo test website. For taking the Duolingo exam, students have no strict age restriction. But, only those students under the age of 13 need to fill out the parental consent form for Duolingo. 

All the students can take the Duolingo exam instantly after doing the registration process. There are no special test dates for the Duolingo exam, and you don’t need to book the exam in advance. Here are some steps for doing the Duolingo exam registration process.

Visiting The Official Duolingo Exam Website

The first step in how to book Duolingo is to visit the official website of the Duolingo exam. After this, move on to the next page, which is the “Take the test” page. 

Download Duolingo English Test​ For Laptop Or Computer

Besides the “Take the test” page, the students will find the download option. You can download it. After this, They must go to the official website of DET on their PC. On successful login, they can take the exam. 

Checking The Requirements

Duolingo exam has some basic requirements regarding the documents and the test area. Candidates should keep their driving license, passport, or government ID handy. The test area should not be any other person and must be an empty, silent, and well-lit room. 

Testing Speaker, Microphone, And Taking The Photo

The fourth step in how to book Duolingo is checking the speakers and microphones. The DET online exam registration will check the speaker, camera, and microphone before taking the exam. Students need to take the photo as well. 

Uploading Documents

After checking the above items, you must provide your name, age, email id, and other details. After providing details, you need to upload your required documents. As you know, the mandatory document includes any of the three passports, driving licenses, or Government issued ID. 

Taking A Photo Of The ID

After uploading the documents and other details, Students must hold their ID before the camera for identification purposes. They can hold the ID next to their face and or can’t tilt it as well.  

Creating An Account

The seventh step in how to book Duolingo is to create an account. The students must create an account by giving their name, age, password, and email ID and then clicking on the next. It is necessary to note that you should fill in the proper information for future entries in the Duolingo exam login. 

Choose ‘What Are You Interested In?

From moving to the next page, they must select and answer what they are interested in. They need to select from the given options.

  • School building
  • Middle or high school admissions
  • Undergraduate university admissions
  • Graduate admissions 
  • Applying for a job or promotion
  • None of the above

Please Select The Correct Option

From the options mentioned above, The students must select the correct one based on their interests. After this, they can successfully create their Duolingo exam account


The last step on how to book Duolingo is to pay the Duolingo exam fees of Rs. 4054 or $49 after buying the exam.

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Duolingo Exam Rules

After knowing the steps on how to book Duolingo, you need to know the exam rules.

The Duolingo English exam guidelines are stricter since it’s an online exam planned to prevent students from cheating. Here are some rules that all students should follow.

  1. Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision both together to ensure the test-identity
  2. If students try to visit another browser during the exam, the test will be canceled automatically.
  3. The student should be alone in our room.
  4. The student’s face and ears are always visible and exposed throughout the exam,
  5. No headphones and earbuds are not allowed during the exam. 
  6. They are not allowed to have materials like electronic items, textbooks or notebooks. 
  7. Also, they cannot talk with anybody during the exam.
  8. You may not close the exam window in the browser. 
  9. No time during the exam allows students to see away from the screen.


In this blog, we have discussed how to book Duolingo and the basic requirements. Booking a Duolingo English Test (DET) is a simple and easy process that can be done online anywhere in the world. 

Using the steps in this blog, students can successfully book and take the Duolingo exam. The Duolingo exam offers a convenient and accessible way to show language skills for those who wish to study or work abroad. I hope these steps will be helpful to you and that you learned many things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does the Duolingo exam cost?

The Duolingo exam fee is INR 4054 or $49.

Q2. How many attempts are there in the Duolingo exam?

There is no limitation on taking the Duolingo exam, and no. of times you can attempt it, but it is only twice in 30 days. If you think your scores are bad, you can re-attempt the exam.


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