Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE

How do you choose between the PTE or IELTS exams?

Both the PTE and the IELTS are designed to assess your English proficiency against a recognized scale. Later, for course entry or immigration purposes, this is used by universities, colleges, or government agencies. Furthermore, Your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are assessed in IELTS and PTE, and scores are given for each.

In this blog, we will discussed about Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE and talk about why PTE is easier than IELTS. Is the PTE exam easier than IELTS? Why is PTE better than IELTS? Is the PTE exam easier than IELTS? Is PTE writing easier than IELTS and so on? Let’s start.

What is the IELTS Exam Test?

The International English Language Proficiency Testing System (IELTS) is the complete form of IELTS. It is used for general and academic examinations and is recognized in 140 nations. Furthermore, The IELTS score is accepted by over 400 universities. IELTS additionally evaluates a candidate’s competency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening in English.

What is the PTE Exam Test?

The Pearson Test of English is known by the full name PTE and is well-liked. IELTS results are accepted for student visas in the United States and Ireland but not for immigrant visas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. Moreover, IELTS is a requirement, particularly for the express entry and Canada PR visa processes.

Academic tests, general tests, and tests for young learners are the three exam formats offered by PTE. PTE is a well-liked English proficiency test many nations use to process visas. Australia, Singapore, Russia, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, etc., are a few examples. PTE is not, however, recognized as acceptable for Canadian immigration services.

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PTE vs. IELTS: Exam Pattern & Structure

Understanding the complexities of the examination pattern, its sections, structure, and time limit is essential when building a success plan for language exams. Furthermore, Providing that information is the primary goal of this section.

Four test sections comprise the IELTS exam, and they are given in the following order:

  • Listening 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Speaking

There are three test portions in the PTE exam, and they are organized as follows:

  • Writing and Speaking (Combined Section)
  • Reading
  • Listening

The table below provides details of the various sections for PTE and IELTS.

ListeningAnswering a series of questions based on audio and video clips in a section that last for between 45 and 57 minutes.Students must respond to 40 questions over four recordings in 30 minutes.
ReadingComplete objective exercises in 32 to 40 minutes, like MCQs, fill-ins, and text-paragraph sequencing.Students have 30 minutes to respond to 40 questions across 3 readings.
Writing In the PTE, these two sections are combined across 77 to 93 minutes. Students are required to perform a variety of assignments, including self-introductions, reading aloud, describing pictures, summarizing texts, and essay writing.In 60 minutes, two essays must be written. The first assignment involves analyzing a visual graph or set of data, whereas the second involves arguing for or against a position.
SpeakingThese two parts of the PTE are combined and last 77 to 93 minutes. Students are required to perform a variety of assignments, including self-introductions, reading aloud, describing pictures, summarizing texts, and essay writing.Students get 15 minutes to talk to the examiner about themselves, express their opinions on a subject, or, ultimately, explore abstract concepts.

Is the PTE Exam Easier Than the IELTS?

IELTS and PTE are comparable in academic standing, and both are expected to be equally tricky. However, people may find one test easier than the other due to the differences between the IELTS and PTE test portions.

Both tests evaluate students’ writing, reading, listening, and talking abilities. While PTE employs an adaptive testing strategy, IELTS has a set amount of questions for each. In light of the answers, this implies that the number of questions varies from test to exam.

According to numerous surveys, the written English component of the IELTS is the most difficult. Moreover, The most challenging portion of the PTE is spoken English. Therefore, depending on your English language proficiency, you can choose which of these examinations is simpler.

Your preferred test type should be thought about while deciding between IELTS and PTE. IELTS is superior if you want a test with standardized set marks. PTE is less difficult if you would rather have your comprehension evaluated and rewarded.

In addition, Always keep in mind how difficult the IELTS and PTE are. The exam taker must be fluent in spoken and written English and possess strong grammar skills, and ineffective English proficiency is not rewarded on either test.

Now you know, Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE.

Why Is PTE Easier Than IELTS?

Many individuals believe PTE to be easier than IELTS for a few reasons. IELTS has been around far longer than PTE, to start. Furthermore, many took IELTS once or more before taking the PTE because your result is only good for two to three years.

Many of these individuals will go on to perform better on PTE than on IELTS and, as a result, think it is simpler. Having taken many English language examinations, they may have improved their score due to increased preparation and experience.

Moreover, Another factor contributing to the perception that PTE is simpler is the fact that it includes various tasks that many people find simple, such as writing from translation and underlining problematic words in a passage.

Another point is that since the PTE is entirely scored by computers, moderator bias and human error were eliminated. However, some people contend that computer prejudice might be a problem.

The speaking portion of the IELTS exam is completed face-to-face with an examiner, and in comparison, you are speaking with a computer during the PTE exam. In addition, Many people who are prone to anxiety consider this to be a less demanding option.

Another thing to think about is that the PTE exam is a little bit shorter than the IELTS and can be considered easier as a result. Although it does mean that you won’t need to expend as much effort or focus, it won’t necessarily lower your score.

Why is PTE Better Than IELTS?

Since both exams scored highly on English proficiency, they are equally good in their ways. However, because PTE tests are given online, and results are generated online, eliminating the risk of human bias, they are more reliable than IELTS scores.

  • PTE results are more reliable.
  • Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom accept the PTE.

Which Exam Should You Take: PTE vs. IELTS?

If fixed-mark tests are more your speed, IELTS is a better option. PTE is simpler if you want to be tested on your understanding and given points for it. Both the PTE and IELTS are challenging exams, and exam takers must have a strong command of both spoken and written English.

PTE vs. IELTS: Score Comparison

Skill Level PTE IELTS
Expert 89-909
Very Good 83-858.5
Very Good 74-848
Good 73-777.5
Good 64-727
Competent 58-636.5
Competent 50-576
Modest 42-495.5

Test costs for PTE and IELTS

Although the two exams are quite identical, the cost may vary depending on your country. The following are the PTE and IELTS costs in India:

                        PTE Cost14,700
                      IELTS Cost15,500

Is PTE Writing Easier Than IELTS?

Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE? Like many students say the IELTS reading component is more straightforward than the PTE equivalent, they also say the PTE writing section is less complicated than the IELTS equivalent.

However, there is a valid explanation for why most candidates perform worse on the writing section of the IELTS exam than any other. It is the most challenging. 

Best Preparation Books For IELTS And PTE

Do you want to know Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE? If yes, then we suggest the best books for you to make your test easy.


PTE BooksAuthor
The Official Guide to PTE AcademicPearson Test Developers
Volumes 1 and 2 of the PTE Academic Practice Test PlusPearson Education 
Expert PTE Academic Course book B1 & B2Lindsay Warwick

Bonus: The PTE Academic Official Preparation App

Pearson PTE
Advantage Of Wiley’s PTE For The Academic Module (WIND)Better think – A TCY Program


IELTS Preparation BooksAuthor
Barron’s IELTSLin Lougheed
The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTSPauline Cullen, Amanda French, Vanessa Jake man
Cambridge IELTS 12 General Training Student’s BookCambridge University Press
Official IELTS Practice MaterialsCambridge ESOL
Ace the IELTS: IELTS General ModuleSimone Braverman

Conclusion (Which Exam Is Easy IELTS Or PTE)

To summarize, this blog covers the distinctions between PTE and IELTS. I trust you have understood easily. Remember that your foundation of good English will help you obtain high results and bring you closer to achieving your goals, regardless of the test you decide to take.

Q1. Can I get PR while doing PTE?

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) in Australia and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) recognize the PTE Academic English test for all visa applications. This covers employment-sponsored/work visas, student visas, and permanent residence.

Q2. Is a 49 on the PTE a decent score?

Candidates with a PTE score of 65 to 75 are said to have a good chance of getting into top universities. An approved PTE score range for other universities is 50–63.


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