What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam?

PTE Exam Preparation: To get a high PTE score, candidates who want to do well on their PTE Academic Exam must follow a solid PTE Preparation strategy. 

The test is taken in a secure testing facility using a computer. Furthermore, PTE Academic is a single test that evaluates your proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Moreover, The writing, speaking, reading, and listening portions of every computerised test are tested within two hours.

Within 48 hours of taking the test, candidates can check their results on the official website.

In addition, Countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States, and the UK accept PTE. The governments of these nations use PTE scores to determine who is generally eligible for immigration and visa services for non-native English speakers. In addition, Students are admitted to more than 3,000 universities globally depending on their PTE results.

In this article, we discussed What Is The Best Way To Crack The PTE Exam. This article aims to give test takers the most excellent PTE preparation resources possible. Continue reading as we go into detail about what is the average score in the PTE exam, what is the timing of the PTE exam, what is the better score for the PTE exam, the purpose of the PTE exam, What is the qualification for writing the PTE exam, What Is The Website To Check PTE Academic Exam Results and so on.

Tips for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam?

Instead of wasting time on random Practice, an applicant for the PTE-A Exam must conduct a professional and systematic study. Unfortunately, many aspirants rely on their quantitative Practice to produce the required results. Furthermore, You should be aware that even before you begin practically preparing for the PTE Exam, your PTE preparation already starts in your mind.

Here are the tips for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam:

  1. A perfect study plan

It is the first step for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam. The PTE-A exam needs more preparation; however, you must create and follow a strategic study strategy. A perfect study schedule combines the right amount of practice time, preparatory methods, and self-evaluation.

  1. Skills with Time Management

It is the second step for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam. Responding to 73–80 questions in a three-hour exam is difficult. Furthermore, It would be excellent to have enough practice to read, comprehend, and write the questions. Moreover, Make skimming and scan your assets. But the most typical error is not allowing enough time for evaluation. Please ignore it

  1. Study Resources

It is the third step for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam. Only spend a little time searching the internet for PTE study materials because you can find some odd and fake resources. In addition, Join a reputable and tested site that offers you practise materials, e-books, a question bank, and sample exams for each part.

  1. Good vocabulary

It is the fourth step for What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam. It takes a solid vocabulary to pass the PTE-A exam with as many synonyms as you can learn. Furthermore, Practise speaking with a new tongue. It reflects the level of your language.

  1. Confidence
  • Firstly, Practice using a microphone and headphones to gain confidence
  • Secondly, try to simulate the busy exam centre environment when you practise.
  • Thirdly, Consider practising the Speaking Module in a chaotic environment at home.
  • Furthermore, You will be better able to focus under challenging circumstances.

Top PTE preparation Tips

  • Firstly, Build a robust PTE Times table
  • Secondly, Identify weak areas
  • Thirdly, Be honest with yourself
  • Revise Revise Revise
  • Furthermore, Solve PTE Practice Test Papers

These are the best books for PTE Exam Preparation

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic includes in-depth information regarding the test, 200+ practice tasks on CD-ROM, analysis of sample answers, test-taking advice, and more. 
  • The book has all the information you need about the test and is the first and only official PTE Academic guide written by the test’s creators.

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What Is The Duration Of PTE Exam

The computer-based PTE Academic test measures speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills and lasts about two hours and fifteen minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes.)

Furthermore, you will use a computer and headphones to listen, read, and respond to questions.

The test will have three primary components throughout the two-and-a-half-hour session: speaking and writing (together), reading, and listening. Moreover, There are 20 questions, from multiple choice to writing essays and information interpretation.

You will hear lecture excerpts and see graphs and figures since PTE. In addition, Academic evaluates real-life, educational content. To expose you to the variety of accents you could hear in daily life, the test will feature British, American, and non-native speaker accents.

What Is The Exam Pattern Of PTE

The most recent PTE Exam Pattern 2023 will be discussed in this area for candidates planning to take the test.

PTE Pattern – overall exam 

                PTE Format                      Details
PTE Exam PatternSpeaking & Writing Test(54 – 67 minutes), Reading skills (29 – 30 minutes), and Listening skills (30 – 43 minutes) 

Test Type

Assesses real-life English
MediumComputer-based with headset
PTE Duration2 Hours and a Single test session
Test Layout20 question types

PTE Exam Pattern: Speaking and Writing- 54 – 67 minutes

The two main communication abilities tested in this area are the written and oral portions of communication, as the name suggests. This phase consists of six brief sections that assess your ability to respond quickly to speech, writing prompts, and the written test that you will be reading for the first time. In addition, The entire portion has a time limit of 54 to 67 minutes,  and the time allotted to each segment is as follows:

Speaking and Writing Section Question TopicsPTE Questions per taskDuration per task
Personal introduction
Total 55 seconds: 25 for prompting , 30 for recording
Read Aloud
6 – 7
30–40 seconds to get ready to read aloud the 60-word text
Repeat sentence
10 – 12
Total 15 seconds: 3-9 for prompting , 15 for recording
Describe image
3 – 4
You have 25 seconds to study the picture and get ready to respond to it.
Retell lecture
1 – 2
90 seconds for the duration of the prompt, 10 seconds to get ready, and 40 seconds to respond
Answer short question
5 – 6
Total 20 seconds: 3-9 for prompting, 10 for answering
Summarise written text
1 – 2
10 minutes to answer to text prompt of 300 words
Write Essay
1 – 2
20 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences
Total questions
28 – 36
Time Allocation: 54 – 67 minutes

PTE Exam Pattern: Reading Section – 29 – 30 mins

PTE Reading Format: In this phase, candidates are evaluated on their capacity to understand written language instructions. Furthermore, The section is 29 to 30 minutes long and is further divided into 5 segments. Look at the time distribution of this section’s parts:

Reading Section Question TopicsPTE Questions per taskDuration per task
Fill in the blanks –reading & writing5 – 6
Read 300 words of text
Multiple-choice, multiple answers1 – 2
Read 300 words of text
Re-order paragraph2 – 3
Read 150 words of text
Fill in the blanks –reading4-5Read 80 words of text
Multiple-choice, single answer1-2Read 300 words of text
Total questions
13-18Time: 29-30 minutes

PTE Exam Pattern: Listening- 30 – 43 minutes

The PTE Academic’s listening section lasts between 30 and 43 minutes. This test aims to evaluate the candidate’s comprehension of spoken English. Furthermore, The learner must make sure they closely listen to the audio file being played here and remember what they hear. The time allotted for each of the eight segments in this section is as follows.

PTE Listening Section Question TopicsPTE Questions per taskDuration per task
Summarise spoken text1 – 210 minutes to write, 60-90 seconds to remember 50-70 words
Multiple-choice, multiple answers1 – 240-90 seconds for prompt
Fill in the blanks2 – 330-60 seconds
Highlight correct summary1 – 2
30-90 seconds
Select missing word1 – 220-70 seconds
Multiple-choice, single answer

1 – 2
30-60 seconds
Highlight incorrect word2 – 315-50 seconds
Write from Dictation3 – 43-5 seconds
Total questions12 – 20Time Allocation: 30 – 43 minutes

What Is The Better Score In PTE Exam

Better Score In PTE Exam is 85 to 90. The highest level of English proficiency that can be determined is this. You would feel very at ease participating in academic and professional activities at all levels at this level.

Furthermore, The high-scoring question type and the more straightforward sentence repetition are both found in the speaking section.

What Is The Average Score In PTE Exam

An average PTE score is neither too high nor too low according to the PTE score calculator. Every university, as mentioned, would have a minimum PTE score that applicants must meet or above to be considered for admission. Moreover, Candidates are recommended to aim for a PTE score that is better than average because doing so would improve their chances of access to the university and put them in the lead for any scholarships the school may provide. In addition, The average PTE score may range between 61 and 62.

PTE AcademicComment
83-85Very good
74-84Very good
0-30Extremely limited

What Is The Frequency Of PTE Exam

Pearson does not limit the number of times a candidate may take the PTE Exam 2023. The exam can be taken after a 5-day break for candidates. Therefore, candidates are free to take the PTE Academic exam as often as they like.

What Is The Qualification For PTE Exam

There is no set educational requirement for PTE exam candidates who want to take the PTE Academic. Furthermore, the PTE Academic test examines the capability of the student’s English fluency. Hence you must have fluent English speaking and writing skills.

What Items Are Allowed In PTE Exam

Your passport is the most popular form of identification verification. Besides your passport, you are not permitted to bring anything else inside the PTE testing room. Furthermore, You will be provided with a bottle of water, a set of reusable notepads, and markers in the test room.

You only need to bring identification credentials like a passport and your admission card.

Moreover, You will need to provide your ID, check in with the test administrator, digitally sign the exam, have your photo taken digitally, and then have your palms scanned.

You are not permitted to bring any personal items into the examination room. You will be given a locker to store your items in securely. But you can get your passport inside the examination room. In addition, Any digital device, a wallet, keys, hoodies, jackets, and a variety of food and drinks are all considered belongings. We suggest against bringing expensive items, valuables, or large amounts of cash to the exam location.

Top 10 PTE Exam Preparation Tips 2023

These are the top 10 tips for PTE Exam Preparation are

  • Plan ahead
  • Know what you’re getting into
  • Take lots of practice tests
  • Start studying vocabulary
  • Focus on your subject
  • Don’t ignore the other subject
  • Use good materials
  • Know question types
  • Keep an error log
  • Plan on taking the exam twice

How To Check PTE Academic Exam Results?

  • Firstly, Visit the PTE Result Login page on the official myPTE website.
  • Secondly, Activate your PTE Account
  • Thirdly, To find the appointment related to your PTE score, click on Activity.

Conclusion (What Is The Best Way To Crack PTE Exam)

In this blog, we discussed various topics related to What Is The Best Way To Crack the PTE Exam, Preparation tips, Duration of the PTE Exam, fee structure, and as well as format of the PTE Exam. In addition, we hope these tips and information help you get a higher score on your PTE Exam and enhance your knowledge of the PTE Exam.

Q1. How should I study for the PTE test?

Consider your desired score.
Knowing your present level of English proficiency and the PTE score you need to reach is an excellent place to start.
Understand the test’s scoring criteria and the format of the test.
Pick out your preparation resources.
Rules for test day.

Q2. How can I pass the PTE in 15 days?

Improve your comprehension of each PTE test area.
Receive instructions from PTE trainers who are qualified.
Prioritize your time and the PTE duties
Before the actual test, take at least ONE PTE Online Mock Test.


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