PTE Overall Score Calculator: How Scores Are Calculated?

PTE is a computer-based exam with four modules: writing, speaking, listening, and reading. The PTE overall score calculator counts from 0 to 90 for each of the 4 sections. The overall PTE scores are required to get admission to the top universities abroad. To get admission to top universities, you need to obtain a good score and understand how the overall PTE scores are calculated. In this blog, we will discuss the PTE scoring system and the PTE overall score calculator. 

PTE scoring System 

Data from automated scoring methods are used to create a PTE score calculator. The PTE score calculator uses machine scoring for every aspect of its calculations. Some tasks provide points for correct responses, while others evaluate the answers for their quality, accuracy, and formal factors. The PTE speaking, listening, reading, and writing score calculator all use computerized scoring to determine scores. The word limit and the response format are the previous factors in the online PTE score calculation. The PTE exam score calculator has two types of scoring methods: partial Credit and accurate or incorrect.

Partial Credit: The correct answer will receive partial Credit. All wrong answers will deduct the points given for the right answer, and the incorrect answers will not receive any score.

Correct or Incorrect: One point will be given for every right answer. If your answer is incorrect, then no score will be given. But if you provide a wrong answer, you will receive zero points.

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PTE Score Type:  Section Wise

Speaking And Writing: 

Tasks Score Type Communicative Skills scored 
Read AloudPartial creditReading and speaking
Repeat sentencePartial creditListening, and speaking
Describe imagePartial creditSpeaking
Re-tell lecturePartial creditListening and speaking
Answer short questionCorrect/ incorrectListening and speaking
Summarize written textPartial creditReading and writing
Write essayPartial creditWriting


Tasks Score Type Communicative Skills scored 
Multiple choice(choose a single answer) Correct/ incorrectReading 
Multiple choices(choose various answers)Partial creditReading 
Re-order paragraph Partial creditReading 
Reading: fill in the blanks. Partial creditReading 
Reading & writing: fill in the blanks Partial creditReading and Writing 


Tasks Score Type Communicative Skills scored 
Summarize spoken text
(Trait: Content; Form; Grammar; Vocabulary; Spelling)
Partial creditListening and writing
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answersPartial creditListening:
Fill in the blanksPartial creditListening and reading:
Highlight correct summaryCorrect/incorrectListening and reading:
Multiple-choice, choose single answerCorrect/incorrectListening:
Select missing wordCorrect/ incorrectListening:
Highlight incorrect wordsPartial creditListening and reading
Write from dictationPartial credit Listening and writing:

PTE Overall Score Calculator: PTE Vs IELTS 

PTE Score IELTS Band  

Score Calculator: PTE Vs TOEFL

PTE Score TOEFL Score 

PTE Overall Score Calculator: PTE Vs IELTS Vs TOEFL

PTE Score IELTS Bands TOEFL Score 

How is PTE the overall score calculated?

The overall score of PTE is calculated based on the candidate’s performance in all four sections. The two main factors of the band calculator or PTE overall score calculator are enabling skills and communicative skill scores. Also, to calculate the overall PTE score, the PTE band calculator uses the sum and average method. The PTE score report includes all candidates’ scores, like communicative skill, enabling the skill, and overall score. We will discuss all the types of scores in detail. 

Communicative skills: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are all included in the PTE communicative skills score calculation. These test items that assess these skills are used to calculate the PTE scores. The range for communication skills is 10-90 points. 

Enabling skills: Grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, oral fluency, and writing discourse are among the skills that the PTE score calculation considers required. The PTE score calculator is based on these enabling skills, each with a range of 10-90 points, on the performance of all these components. The PTE score calculator rates the performance in the effective abilities of speaking and writing using these enabling skills.

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PTE Overall Score Calculator 

Above, you see the procedures and the aspects of calculating the PTE overall score. Now, we will discuss the process of calculating the overall score. PTE Scores are easily calculated if you properly understand the procedure of calculating the overall score. In this, we will tell you how you can calculate it yourself.

You know, The PTE overall scores contain the score of Communicative skills and enabling skills. The enabling skills are calculated based on 6 skills grammar, pronunciation, spelling, oral fluency, written discourse, and vocabulary. These 6 enabling skills scores are added, and their total sum is divisible by 6

Since Enabling skills score is: The sum of enabling skills divided by 6, it is the procedure of calculating the score of enabling abilities. 

Reading, listening, and writing skills are added to calculate the communicator score. Now, the skills of 4 Communicator score is added to the average score of enabling skills scores. Then these scores are divided by 5 to get an average or final score. Thus, the score comes from is called the final score.

Since the overall score is: The sum of 4 communicative skills + the average score of Enabling abilities, then the total sum of both is divided by 5. It’s called the final/ overall score.

If you face difficulty, below is an example for you to understand properly. 

For Example, Calculation Of the Overall Score, 

First, we need to calculate enabling skill score= 85+74+81+75+67+71 divided by 6 

453/6 = 75.5

75.5 is the enabling skill score.

Overall score = Score of listening+readding+speaking+writing+enabling skill score divided by 5

74+74+74+75+75.5 is divided by 5

= 372.5/5

= 74.5

This is your overall score, which is around 75.

It is the complete overview of the PTE Overall Score Calculator 

How To Improve PTE Overall Score? 

Here are some tips to improve your PTE score:

  1. Improve your language skills
  2. Learn the test format
  3. Practice with mock tests
  4. Focus on your weaker areas
  5. Manage your time
  6. Take advantage of PTE coaching
  7. Stay calm and focused

Final Words 

In this blog, we have discussed the PTE overall score calculator procedure. The PTE exam is accepted worldwide by most universities and colleges. So, it is important to understand the calculation of PTE overall score and achieve a good PTE score to study in top colleges. With this blog, you will properly understand the analysis of the PTE score, and all your doubts will be cleared. 

I hope you learned a lot of things about the PTE Overall Score Calculator 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the PTE score range?

PTE Academic gives you a 10–90 score on the Global Scale of English, so you can accurately measure your English skills.

Q2. When are PTE Scores Available?

The PTE academic scores are available within 5 business days after taking the exam. 


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