How Many PTE Scores Required For Australia

In today’s blog, we will discuss how many PTE scores required for Australia. The PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam is a computerized exam for candidates who want to go abroad to study and work. To go abroad, students need to prove their English language proficiency and achieve a good score. PTE is one of the English Language proficiency exams that helps to prove your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. PTE is a standardized exam scored on a range of 10 to 90. These PTE exam scores are generally accepted by many countries and universities worldwide. Australia is one of the most PTE accepted countries that accept PTE scores for PR and study visas. In this blog, we will provide an overview of how many PTE scores required for Australia. To know more about this, continue reading this blog till the end. 

How Many PTE Scores Required For Australia

In this section, we will provide the list of Australian universities that accept PTE scores. Below is a list of the best Universities that accept PTE. To apply for these universities, you need between 50 to 60 scores to get admission. 

Name Of University Popular Course 
Abbey College AustraliaBusiness, Construction, Project Management, Information, and Technology, Marketing, and Communication
Academies AustralasiaAccounting, Commercial Cookery, Agriculture, Hospitality Management, Health Services Assistance, Leadership, and Management
Abbott School Of BusinessDiploma in Business
The University of AdelaideSocial Science, History, Architecture, Computer Science, Arts and Humanities, or Business and Management
The University of QueenslandSport sciences, Biodiversity Conservation, Water Resources, Hospitality, Environmental Studies, Anatomy, and MorphologyEcology
The University of Sydney Music, Law, Architecture, Medicine and Health, Business, Education, and Social work
Monash UniversityEngineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Law, Natural Sciences, Accounting, and Finance
University of MelbournePsychology, Medicine, Economics, Social Sciences and Management, Development Studies, Arts and Humanities 
Ashton College English, Hospitality, Business, Automotive, and Information Technology
Alphacrucis CollegeBusiness, Leadership, Education, Arts, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, and Music 

So, it is the answer to your question, “how many PTE scores required for Australia. “

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List Of Some Other Australian Universities

In this section, we will provide a list of some other Australian universities that also accept PTE scores. You also need between 50 to 70 scores for admission to these universities. 

  • Aaar Institute Of Business & Technology
  • Ability Education – Melbourne
  • Ability Education – Sydney
  • Academia International
  • Academy Of English
  • Academy Of Information Technology
  • Academy Of International Hairdressing
  • Academy Of Social Sciences
  • Acn – Australian Campus Network
  • Acumen Institute Of Further Education
  • Adelaide College Of Technical Education (Acte)
  • Apex Institute Of Education
  • APM College Of Business And Communication
  • Arc – Accountants Resource Centre

How Many PTE Scores Required For Australia PR 

For various subclasses, different PTE scores are required for Australia PR. Moreover, most of the subclasses require a different PTE score. As a result, candidates must Be well-prepared before taking the PTE exam. The PTE score needed for Australia PR for various competence levels is listed in the table below.

English Proficiency Levels Module Required Score 
FunctionalTotal Score 30

How Many PTE Scores Required For Australia PR Points 

Candidates’ PTE points for Australia PR are used to decide if they are eligible to apply for Australian Permanent Residence. The PTE score for Australia PR points is based on several factors, including partner skills, age, English language proficiency, education, work experience, and more. The points given for a candidate’s PTE score, which is required for Australian PR, are shown in the table below.

English Proficiency Levels PTE Academic Score PTE Points For Australia PR 
Competent Reading – 50
Writing – 50
Listening – 50
Speaking – 50
0 Points 
Proficient Reading – 65
Writing – 65 
Listening – 65
Speaking – 65
10 Points 
Superior Reading – 79
Writing – 79
Listening – 79
Speaking – 79
20 Points 

PTE Score Validity For Australia PR 

PTE scores are valid only for a limited time. After the expiry of PTE scores, Candidates need to do the exam again. The Score validity of PR visa subclasses is different. Below are the PTE score validity details and the types of visa subclasses. 

  1. General Skilled Migration:  Within 36 months of getting the invitation to apply for a visa. After 3 years, your scores are invalid, and you need to gain scores again. 
  2. Permanent Employer Sponsor:  Within 3 years before the date of lodgment application
  3. For the family members of 18 or 18+ years of age to apply with the nominee:  In the twelve months preceding the visa application or while the application is being processed.

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How To Increase The Australia PR Points?

Getting a score of 80+ on the PTE exam is relatively easy; you can achieve it with proper planning, preparation, and dedication. There are many applications, and the materials are available online. Also, you can use some tips to improve your PTE score. So, here are some tips that will help you to obtain a good score.

  1. Firstly, you need to check the PTE exam format and observe the question type asked in the exam. 
  2. Practice all the modules each day. 
  3. Try to learn new words and speak while practicing.
  4. Read newspapers, books, and magazines, to improve your reading skills.
  5. Listen to podcasts, radio, and television news, to improve your reading skills. 
  6. Try to improve your spelling mistakes and grammar.
  7. Communicate in English with your friends and family, at your school, office, or home. 
  8. Carefully read all the exam instructions. 
  9. Practice mock tests to improve scores. 


In this blog, we have discussed how many PTE scores required for Australia and provided a list of some universities with their minimum score and popular course. We also provided the minimum score For PR. Suppose you want to go to Australia for study purposes or PR. You need to achieve a minimum of 55+ scores. Last, we have explained some tips and tricks to improve PTE scores.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned many things about how many PTE scores required for Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the Good score of PTE to apply for Australia PR?

A PTE score of 65 to 79 or more is considered good for Australian PR. Students who receive this score can apply for PR and receive points for language proficiency.

Q2. Can I get Canada PR with PTE?

Now, PTE scores are not accepted For Canada PR.


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