What Is The PTE Exam Fees In India, And How To Pay the Fees?

In today’s blog, we will discuss the PTE exam fees in India. 

The PTE exam is a Computer-based English language proficiency test. PTE test assesses the candidate’s English language skills in four modules like

  1. Speaking and Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

The PTE exam is suitable for those students who want to apply for admission to graduation courses in foreign countries. 

The PTE exam is accepted by 3000+ institutes around the world and countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and much more. 

Each module of the PTE section score range is between 10 to 90.

Now let’s talk about the PTE exam fees.

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PTE Exam Fees In India

Here are some PTE exam fees in India.

  1. PTE Academic Registration fees 
  2. Rescheduling fees 
  3. Cancellation fees

PTE Academic Registration Fees 

To take the PTE exam, candidates need to pay 15,900 Rs for the registration of PTE. Your PTE exam fees are valid if you book a slot at least two weeks in advance. It is the main PTE exam fees in India. Without paying this fee, you can not take the exam.

Rescheduling Fees 

If the Candidate requests to reschedule the PTE exam 14 calendar days before the exam, they don’t need to pay the additional fees.

But, if they reschedule the PTE exam between 7 to 14 days before the PTE exam, then they need to pay 50% extra of the original exam fees. 

However, if candidates reschedule the exam less than seven days before the test, they will not be eligible for a refund and will need to pay the fees again. 

Cancellation Fees

Candidates can cancel their registration and get a refund if they decide not to take the PTE  exam. They must use the PTE’s official website to file a cancellation request. 

Candidates must cancel at least 14 days in advance of the PTE exam date to be eligible for a full refund of the exam fees. 

The PTE exam fees will be refunded in full if they cancel the exam between 7 to 14 days in advance of the exam window. 

If you decide to cancel the exam less than seven days before the exam, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Rechecking fees

If students do not satisfy and have any other issues with their PTE scores, they can request for rechecking PTE scores. According to the country and region, the rescoring fees might change. To recheck their PTE score, students need to pay the rechecking fees of around 6000 INR (100 USD). Before rechecking your PTE scores, you must consider the following things.

  • Only the speaking and writing sections’ scores are rechecked.
  • If your scores change, your rechecking score fees are fully refunded.
  • You can only request a rechecking score once per exam registration. 
  • You can only request a rechecking of your current PTE Academic exam score. 
  • You cannot request a rechecking score if you have already scheduled another exam.

So, these are the PTE exam fees in India. 

Types Of PTE Exam Fees In India 

Pearson Group conducts four different types of exams to evaluate the English language proficiency of non-native English language candidates. Here are some kinds of PTE exams and their registration fees.

  1. PTE Academic 
  2. PTE Academic Online 
  3. PTE Academic UKVI 
  4. PTE Home 

The exam fees for these exams are listed below in the table.

Types of PTE Exam Registration Fees in INR
PTE Academic₹15900
PTE Academic Online₹15900
PTE Academic UKVI₹15900
PTE Home A1₹13500
PTE Home A2₹13500
PTE Home B1₹13500

How To Register For The PTE Exam?

There are no strict requirements for the PTE exam registration, But the students should be 18 or 18+ years old. If they are not, they need to fill out and show the parental consent form for PTE exam registration. To register for the PTE exam, you need to follow the simple steps that are listed below. 

  1. Visit the Official PTE website, Pearson.
  2. Create or sign in on my PTE account.
  3. After logging in on the PTE VUE, click the Book a Test option that is in the right corner of the website.
  4. Search for a suitable location and choose the exam center near you.
  5. Then select a preferred date and time for the exam. 
  6. After selecting all these, you need to complete your PTE profile.
  7. Read the ID policy to understand which types of IDs are acceptable to carry to the exam center.
  8. Check the booking details, pay the PTE exam registration fees and submit your order, and the booking process will be completed. 

How To Pay The Registration Fee For PTE Exam? 

Candidates need to follow these steps in order to pay the PTE exam fees in India:

  • They need to create an account on the official website of Pearson and log in. They must select a PTE Academic exam.
  • Select a suitable, nearby exam site and reserve a seat. The candidate should choose an appropriate day and time to take the exam based on availability. There will be a list of exam locations from which to choose.
  • The final step is to pay the PTE exam fees in India. Candidates can use a Credit card (Mastercard, American Express, Visa, or JCB) or a Debit card (Mastercard or Visa) for payment.

PTE Exam Centres In India 

AhmedabadNew Delhi Chennai 
Mumbai NoidaRajkot
Vadodara HaryanaChandigarh
Nadu (Coimbatore)Jalandhar Pune

What Is PTE Eligibility To Take The Exam?

The PTE Academic exam is available to anyone who is at least 16 years old. No specific higher age limit has been mentioned on the official PTE website.

In advance, candidates in the 16–18 age range must fill out and submit a parental consent form. From the official PTE Exam website, you may download the parental consent form.

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Is PTE Cheaper than IELTS?

Both exam’s PTE and IELTS fees are almost equal.

The Exam fee for the PTE exam is 15,900, and the cost for the IELTS exam is 15,500.


In this blog, we have discussed the PTE exam fees in India, PTE exam centers, and how to pay the registration fees. 

At the end of the blog, we discussed the eligibility criteria for taking the PTE exam. 

All your queries about PTE exam centers and the PTE exam fees are solved with this information. 

I hope you learned a lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the PTE exam fees in India?

The fee for the PTE Academic exam is Rs 15,900 in general.

Q2. Without a passport, can I take the PTE?

You will not be permitted to enter the test room, and you will lose your exam fee if you do not have a valid passport or can prove your identity using another document that is not on the list of exceptions and variants.


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