Best PTE Tips For Reading To Get A 65+ Score

In Today’s blog, we will discuss PTE tips for reading.

The (Pearson test of English) PTE is a computer-based exam conducted by Pearson PLC Group for students to check their English language proficiency. The PTE exam is used for those students from countries whose English is not their native language but want to go abroad for their higher education. The PTE exam consists of four major sections:

  1. Speaking and Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

Reading is one of the difficult sections in the PTE exam. In this blog, we will provide PTE tips for reading section. These tips and strategies will help you to prepare for PTE reading and also help you to get good marks. But before learning the tips, you need to know what PTE reading is, and after this, the PTE exam structure will help you to prepare well for the reading section. 

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PTE Reading

PTE Reading is the second module in the PTE exam pattern. It includes 5 different types of questions, and the total time to complete the reading test is 29 to 30 minutes. The types of PTE Reading questions are

  • Reading and Writing: fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
  • Re-order paragraph
  • Reading: fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice, choose a single answer

In this section, the questions are given from related to real work. For example, the questions are asked about academic topics like science, humanities, literature, social sciences, etc. 

Let’s talk about the PTE reading exam pattern to learn the PTE tips for reading. 

PTE Reading Exam Structure

Question Type Task No. of Questions Length Skill assessed Scoring Type 
Reading and Writing: fill in the blanksIn a paragraph, a blank space is there. You must choose the right word from the given words and complete the sentence.  5-6Text up to 300 wordsReading and Writing Partial Credit
Multiple choice, choose multiple answersSelect all the answers that are correct out of the provided options. 1-2Text up to 300 wordsReadingPartial Credit
Re-order paragraphRearrange the provided text box correctly by using dragging and dropping the box that is given on the screen. 2-3Text up to 150 wordsReadingPartial Credit
Reading: fill in the blanksFill in the space in the sentence from provided options. 4-5Text up to 80 wordsReadingPartial Credit
Multiple choice, choose a single answerChoose one response from the many choices. 1-2Text up to 300 wordsReadingThere will be no score for a wrong answer or no response. 

PTE Reading Preparation Strategies

Before knowing the PTE tips for reading, you must know the strategies. Here are some preparation strategies for PTE reading

  1. Read the question twice
  2. Improve Grammar
  3. Skimming and scanning
  4. Elimination technique
  5. Highlight the keywords
  6. Practice Tests

Read The Question Twice

Before attempting any question, you need to read the question twice, which will help you better understand what the exam teacher wants to ask you. Sometimes the candidates start answering the question without understanding it properly. If you may answer the question without clarity, it will become the reason for subtracting your marks. So, reading the question twice and understanding it properly is important.

Improve Grammar

Thinking critically when reading is important, but you must also improve your grammar. Regarding grammar, Pearson’s PTE study resources will help you cover all topics, from basics to advanced. You can begin by learning English grammar; reading a lot will enable you to discover how to use grammar in phrases, and you will become more familiar with it as you continue reading.

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Skimming And Scanning 

From the exam point of view, it is one of the best and most helpful tips for PTE reading. Skimming and scanning technique would be best instead of reading the full content. It will help manage your time, and you need to look only for keywords in the passage rather than reading it word by word. For the skimming technique, you can begin exploring the keywords from right to left rather than left to right. By this, you can only concentrate on the keywords that you are searching for, and you can finish your passage. 

Elimination Technique

You should be aware of the elimination method. At the time of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), If you are unsure about selecting the right answer, you can use the elimination process by eliminating all the wrong answers and choosing the left answers as the correct ones.

Highlight The Keywords

Before reading the complete passage, first, read the question properly and highlight the keywords that are in the questions. By marking this, you can easily see the answers in the passage by using the highlighted keyword that you did. By using these tips, you can easily improve your PTE reading. 

Practice Tests 

When you continuously practice something, you will become a master in that thing in some time. Also, it applies to PTE reading too. When you practice the PTE reading daily, try to every question types that are asked in the exam. With PTE reading practice tests, you can practice the PTE reading. Doing these practice tests allows you to develop good PTE reading skills easily. 

PTE Tips For Reading

Every student wants to complete the PTE exam in only one attempt. So, to do this, here are some PTE tips for reading to get their desired score. In this, we will explain all the question-wise tips. 

Multiple Choice Question: Choose Single Answer

  1. The first thing is to understand the main message the writer wants to say in the passages. After this, you need to see the passage’s focus keywords. It will help you to know the paragraphs and also helps to find the correct answers to fill in your blanks. 
  1. Focus on eliminating the frequency words (for example, all, often, something, only, always, many, etc.) After eliminating those options, it will become easy to find your answers. 
  1. In this type of question, there will be no negative marking. Try to attempt all the questions, and don’t leave any blank if you don’t know any answer. 
  1. Use the elimination technique and narrow your search as much as possible. 
  1. Always read the question before reading the paragraph; it will help you find the answer you seek. 
  1. 60% of your answers are given in the paragraphs’ first or last two lines. So, look carefully at those lines.  
  1. The answers to the questions in the passage won’t be in any particular order, so it will be useful if you can remember what you read.
  1. You should be able to rephrase any sentence. And sometimes, you’ll face questions that have been paraphrased, which means that the same idea has been expressed using different terms.
  1. At Last, practice is the important key to becoming a specialist in anything. So, practice as much as you can with this type of question.

Multiple Choice Question: Choose Multiple Answers

  1. In this question type, The useful tip is that you don’t try to guess in any questions because it includes the negative markings. 
  1. Don’t answer if you don’t know or are unsure about any question. It is better to leave a space rather than answer it wrong. 

Re-order Paragraphs

  1. Search for sentences focusing on the content’s main concept that shows the headings. 
  1. The first sentence will never contain pronouns such as he, she, it, her, him, them, those, etc. 
  1. Search for any contradictory sentences.  Because these sentences mainly start from contradictory phrases like although, however, but, etc. Your task is to see the sentence before that contradictory sentence. With this method, you can easily rearrange the sentences correctly. 

Fill In The Blanks

  1. In this, No negative marks are given. So you should answer all the questions even if you are unsure.  
  1. You can find the missing word by looking at the speech details in the sentences before and after the blank.
  1. Sometimes, synonyms are given for the missing words in the passage. So, you need to know synonyms. 

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In this blog, we have discussed PTE tips for reading and the PTE exam strategies that can help you to achieve the desired score. We provide all the question-type skills that help you improve your score, especially in PTE reading. PTE reading is one of the most important sections in PTE. 

With these tips, you can improve your skills. I hope you learned a lot of things and enjoyed this post about PTE tips for reading. For more information, keep visiting HitPTE. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How to score 65 in PTE reading?

To increase your reading skills, try to study new vocabulary daily. To avoid unnecessary grammatical and spelling errors, check your paper after finishing it for Writing and Listening—practice using complicated and compound sentences when writing a summary.

Q2. How can I improve my PTE reading fill in the blanks?

1. Do not consume more than 2 minutes on this task.
2. Take care of the technicalities.
3. Use the knowledge of grammar.
4. Develop a good vocabulary.
5. Try the elimination strategy.
6. Learn the correct use of words that have a similar meanings.


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