Best PTE Listening Tips & Tricks To Get 75+ Scores

In today’s blog, we will discuss the PTE listening tips. The PTE listening test is a part of the PTE academic test. PTE academic test is a Pearson test of English that assesses English language proficiency. It is a computer-based English test. 

The PTE test is taken by those students who desire to study abroad for further studies. It consists of four sections: speaking, writing, reading and listening. You must score well in all sections to qualify for the PTE exam. The PTE exam is quite similar to the ielts exam. Many countries accept the PTE exam. 

The PTE listening test is the last and crucial module of the PTE exam, which measures your listening abilities and understanding capability of the English language. This exam helps you to enhance your listening skills, which is crucial for communication in the English language. 

PTE listening test consists of various question types. So, let’s look at an overview of the PTE listening test before discussing the PTE listening tips. 

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Overview Of The PTE Listening Test 

Here is the overview of the PTE listening test. It has eight different types of questions. The listening section questions include such as:

  • Summarize spoken test 
  • Fill in the blanks 
  • Multiple choice: choose various.  
  • Highlight the correct summary 
  • Multiple choice: choose a single answer 
  • Highlight incorrect words 
  • Select the missing word 
  • Write from the dictation

Below, the table contains question type, no. of questions, skills needs, and scores. 

Question TypeNo. of QuestionsSkills Needs Scores                           
Summarize spoken test1-2Listening and WritingPartial Credit
Fill in the blanks2-3Listening and WritingPartial Credit
Multiple choice: choose various1-2Listening Partial Credit
Highlight the correct summary1-2Listening and ReadingCorrect/Incorrect
Multiple choice: choose a single answer 1-2Listening Correct/Incorrect
Highlight incorrect words2-3Listening Partial Credit
Select the missing word  1-2ListeningCorrect/Incorrect
Write from the dictation 3-4Listening and WritingPartial Credit

So, let’s move to our main topic, PTE listening tips.  

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PTE Listening Tips & Question Types

PTE listening has eight question types, as mentioned above. Let’s briefly discuss the question types and tips to get better scores in the PTE exam.

Summarize Spoken Test

The candidate must listen to the audio carefully and write a summary of 50 to 70 words. During this task, the time limit of the listening summary is only 10 minutes to complete the audio. You must listen to the audio recording within 60-90 seconds to complete the summary spoken test. In this test, they examine your listening and writing skills.      


  • Ensure your summary is brief; it must be 50-70 words. 
  • Give your complete focus on the keyword.
  • Close your eyes during audio listening to get better concentration.
  • While listening to the audio, right down the key points in the notepad.
  • Focus on the most repeated words.

Fill In The Blanks

In this task, the candidate has to fill in the blanks after listening to the audio recording. To complete the task, you have to fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer that you hear in the audio recording. This question type makes it easier to get scores. Recorded audio is played automatically on the screen, and you must write the missing words. 


  • Write the correct answers in the notepad if your typing speed is slow.
  • Use correct articles, spelling, singular and plural verbs. 
  • Maintain your speed if you fill in the missing words while listening.
  • Stay focused during the task. 
  • Take practice tests daily to improve your performance. 

Multiple Choice: Choose Various

The candidate has to choose from various options. Listen to the audio recording carefully, then take some seconds to think about the question and choose the correct one. In this task, they provide 7-8 options, and you have to choose 2-3 correct options. You have 40-90 seconds to complete the task. Click the left mouse button to select the option to choose it. 


  • Take a look at the questions before listening to the audio.
  • Be aware of negative markings.
  • Try to avoid making guesses.

Highlight The Correct Summary

In this task, You have some lecture audio clips. Listen to the audio clips attentively, then select the summary paragraph that matches the lecture. There are various similar answers, but one is the right one. You have only 30-60 seconds of time limit to complete this task. You can select the option by using the left mouse button. 


  • Read all the summary paragraphs carefully before you choose.
  • Use the elimination method to choose the correct one. 
  • Stay focused, and catch all of the lines in the audio. 
  • Understand the message conveyed in the lecture audio.

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Multiple Choice: Choose A Single Answer

The candidate must choose the correct option after listening to the audio. The question has only four options, and you have to choose the single correct answer. You get 30-60 seconds to complete the task, and there are no negative markings. Through this task, they judge your listening skills. Just click on the option that you choose by the left mouse button. 


  • Select the logical and correct option.
  • Read the questions before the audio plays. 
  • Close your eyes for better concentration. 

Highlight the Incorrect Words

In this task, you have audio to listen to, and you see the same audio transcript on the screen. You must listen to the audio and highlight the incorrect words in the transcript. It takes 20-50 seconds to complete the task. You can highlight the words by clicking on them.  


  • You can use the PTE’s highlight incorrect word tool. 
  • Immediately click the word that differs from the audio clip. 
  • Don’t highlight the wrong words; it will deduct your marks. 
  • Recheck your answers before submitting them to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 
  • If you highlight the wrong word, you can deselect it by clicking on them. 

Select The Missing Word

When you listen to the audio, there is a “beep” sound, the missing word. After listening to the audio, select the suitable answer that fits the beep sound and complete the sentence. You get 20-70 seconds to complete the task. They tested your listening skills. 


  • Be attentive from the beginning of the audio playing. 
  • Don’t panic in a hurry; utilize your task time. 
  • Think about your answers before the final submission.
  • Write an effective conclusion when the beep is in the end.

Write From The Dictation

In this task, you have to listen to the audio first and then write the same sentence spoken in the audio. Through this task, they tested your listening skills and memory power, how fast your mind catches. You have a 3-5 seconds time limit to complete this task. This is the last question type and carries one mark in each.  


  • You can use erasable notes. 
  • Double-check your task before submitting it to avoid mistakes. 
  • Listen to the audio carefully to avoid missing words.
  • Practice daily to increase your typing speed, which helps on exam day.
  • You can also write the sentence in notepad while listening; it saves you time. 

Here are the question-wise PTE listening tips to get a better score in the PTE exam.

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Some Other PTE Listening Tips

Now, we discuss other PTE listening tips to score better on the PTE listening test.

  • Practise daily with the test format 
  • Try to listen in noisy place for the test, which helps you on exam day and enhance your concentration in noise. 
  • Listen actively and be attentive
  • Try different types of accents to improve your understanding of them 
  • Manage your time during the test. 
  • Watch movies with subtitles first that enhance your reading; then start watching without subtitles, which improves your listening skills.
  • Listen to podcasts and lectures. 
  • Always try to avoid mistakes that may deduct your marks
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary.
  • Make a habit of taking notes.
  • Increase your typing speed.

Final Words

This blog discussed the details of PTE question types and PTE listening tips. The PTE listening section is crucial and the last section of the PTE exam. The tips above will help you score better in the PTE exam. If you implement these tips in your regular practice, it will help you to achieve success in the PTE exam.

It is important to practice regularly, be familiar with question types, easily complete the task within the time limit, be focused, improve vocabulary in the PTE listening section and listen actively. Always remember that dedication and the right strategy can achieve anything you want in your life. I hope the information in this blog will help you reach the target scores in the PTE listening section and you like this post about PTE listening tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the PTE Listening Test take?

 The complete listening test takes 45-57 minutes, depending on the question types

Q2. Is listening easy in PTE?

There are four core language abilities test: speaking, writing, reading and listening in the PTE exam. Neither test is easier than the other if you want to get the targeted score in the PTE exam.


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