How To Reschedule PTE Exam?

The Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) tests candidates’ speaking, writing, reading, and listening abilities to determine whether they are eligible to study abroad and have a strong command of the English language.

Students book their PTE Exam with the assurance that they will be present at the scheduled exam time and place. However, unforeseen circumstances can keep you from taking the test on that particular day. It is possible to modify your PTE Academic appointment for any reason.

You can reschedule or cancel your test booking whenever your plans change. 

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Can PTE Exam Be Rescheduled?

The first question to your mind is Can we reschedule the PTE exam? Can I Change My PTE Exam Date? If these types of questions come to your mind, then the answer to these questions is yes. The PTE Exam can be Rescheduled in three ways with the help of Phone, Chat, and Online. Log onto your my account and go to the booking information section of your dashboard to see the instructions for “rescheduling” or “cancelling” your test.

At least 14 days before the Exam, you can reschedule without paying any fees. On the other hand, if you have between 8 to 13 days, you must pay half of the previously paid fees. A new test cost will be charged without a refund if the test is rescheduled seven days or shorter beforehand. 


  • By entering your username and password, log in to your Pearson account.
  • Click the reschedule button.
  • Select the new test date and location.
  • Verify the new schedule’s details.
  • Pay any dues.
  • Details about your new appointment will be emailed to your registered email.


You can use this option as an alternative to the technique mentioned above. You can plan a reschedule by calling 0008004402020 (For India) or chatting with customer care through the website.

The customer service department must be contacted to reschedule for a medical reason.

If you need to reschedule due to a medical emergency, you can do so for free or significantly reduced cost. Your medical claim must be supported by proof, and PTE Academic will make the final determination in this case. For each test, only one “medical” rescheduling will be permitted.

So, these are the ways for How To Reschedule PTE Exam.

Can I Cancel My PTE Exam?

You can cancel your test booking whenever your plans change. Log onto your my PTE account and go to the booking information section of your account dashboard to see the instructions for “cancelling” your test. Following that, you will get an email confirming the cancellation.

PTE Exam Cancellation Fees

After scheduling their Exam online, candidates have up to 14 calendar days before their test date to change their minds and request a complete refund. A partial refund of 50% of the PTE test cost paid will be given to candidates who cancel their test less than 14 days from the date but at least seven calendar days before their test date. Candidates who postpone their Exam for less than seven calendar days will not be eligible for a refund. Candidates should know that the cancellation and rescheduling policy does not cover their PTE test date.

How To Schedule PTE Exam By Phone?

There are test centres for PTE Academic worldwide, from Zimbabwe to Australia. Therefore, there is a test facility close to you.

You can arrange the PTE exam up to 24 hours in advance.

How To Schedule PTE Exam in your location is as follows:

  • Visiting
  • From anywhere on the website, click “check availability” on the homepage banner or “book a test” in the top left corner of our site navigation.
  • “Check test availability & book” may be found by clicking the PTE Academic header.
  • From this point, you can look for a testing location and schedule an appointment.
  • Choose the testing facility nearby, then click the next button.
  • Choose your Exam’s date and time. You must register for (or sign into) my account.
  • Finish off your profile. Also, please take a moment to read PTE’s ID policy, which explains the acceptable kinds of identification you may bring to the Exam.
  • Place your order after reviewing your reservation details.

Your appointment information will be summarised and shown on my dashboard. Additionally, you’ll get an email as a notification.

The PTE Academic Exam Requirements

It would help if you first determined your eligibility before you can learn how to schedule a PTE exam. Anybody may take the PTE test, as it is a language proficiency test for university-level English usage, if they meet the requirements listed below:

  1. The minimum age requirement is 16, and test-takers under 18 must have their parents’ permission.
  1. Academic Requirements: Although there isn’t a set minimum requirement, PTE Academic is primarily for students who want to join in undergraduate or graduate-level coursework.
  1. No restrictions on the maximum number of attempts are in place. However, there must be a 5-day break between each test.

Documents Required for PTE Booking

A passport is the only form of identification that PTE would accept in India. For Indian people taking exams both inside and outside of India, it is required to have a passport. Test takers must enter information from their passports when registering for the PTE exam. On exam day, the same ID document in its original form must be submitted at the testing location. If not, Pearson stops the test-takers from showing up for the PTE exam.

The test-taker must provide the original passport with a CANCELLED stamp and the passport renewal receipt acknowledging the renewal submission in the event that a passport is submitted to the authority for renewal. These are the requirements, especially if you intend to secure a PTE exam date.

Test takers must pay close attention to the following requirements for their identity documentation:

  • The document’s issue date can be at most ten years.
  • Test takers must bring the ID they provided while scheduling the test to the test centre.
  • Identity information on the document must coincide with the information given when scheduling a test.
  • Test takers will only be allowed to take the Exam if they bring the required ID in its original form to the testing facility.
  • PTE does not accept ID photocopies for document validation.

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Registration Fees and Payment Methods

My PTE account can be free of cost. Only PTE booking, rescheduling, and cancellation carry a fee from Pearson.

The standard booking/registration fee for the PTE exam is INR 15,900 (including 18% GST).

Payment rules for PTE:

  • First, Booking a test requires full payment. PTE will accept rupee payments within India.
  • Second, PTE accepts Visa and Mastercard debit cards and credit cards for payments.
  • Third, PTE also accepts prepaid coupons for test reservations in India. Coupons cannot be used to pay PTE rescheduling fees, though.

Conclusion (How To Reschedule PTE Exam)

To sum up, now you should feel confident because you know about the How To Reschedule PTE Exam and are registering for it. With the help of the official website of PTE, you can easily schedule your PTE Exam. 

Be aware when scheduling a test because it is more time-consuming. Afterward, you can plan your Exam and begin seriously preparing for the PTE exam. 

Q1. How many times may the PTE exam be rescheduled?

Only one exam postponement is permitted due to illness or other commitments. You are not automatically eligible to reschedule or get a refund if a medical issue prevents you from taking a test. Less than 14 days before the test date, any request will incur the appropriate cancellation fee.

Q2. How do I get my PTE exam fee back?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel up to 14 full calendar days before your test date. You will receive 50% of the test money as a refund if you cancel less than 14 days from the date but at least 7 full days before your test date. If you cancel your Exam in less than 7 calendar days, no refund will be given.


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