How To Prepare For Duolingo English Test – 10 Best Tips

In today’s blog, we will discuss how to prepare for Duolingo English test. 

Duolingo test is one of the new tests for the English language. This exam has earned praise and has become famous among candidates who like to go abroad. This exam was launched in 2016 at a very low level.

But now, it has gained popularity among candidates like other exams such as PTE or IELTS. Students choose this exam because it has suitable choices and is very low in cost compared to other English language exams. You can also receive your result within 2 days after doing an exam. 

When candidates decide to take the Duolingo English Language exam, the question that comes to their mind related to the Duolingo exam is how to prepare for Duolingo English test. So, don’t worry; this blog will provide tips and tricks to prepare for the Duolingo test.

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Importance Of Duolingo Test 

Before knowing the tips on how to prepare for Duolingo English test, you must know its importance. There is much importance in taking the Duolingo test that is mentioned below. 

Convenience To Take

The first importance of the Duolingo exam is convenience. This exam is the most convenient to take compared to other exams. You can do this exam from anywhere, like sitting in a room. But you need the following items to take the exam, 

  1. A quiet and well-lit room
  2. A good internet connection
  3. A PC or laptop with a webcam

Note:- But you can not use the headphones during the test time. 

Quick Result 

When you do the exam, you first want your fast result. In the Duolingo English exam, you can get your result within 48 hours. That is much quicker than the other exams like PTE or IELTS. 


Besides being a quick result and convenient, this is a much more affordable exam. While for other English language exams, you must pay the least fees of around 14 to 16 thousand. But for this test, you have to pay only 4059 Rs.  

Widely Accepted 

During the corona time, the Duolingo exam has been popular among candidates. Most top organizations, colleges, and universities in top nations started accepting Duolingo. 


The accuracy level of the Duolingo exam is said to be accurate. The Duolingo testing calculates results using the (CAT) Computer Adaptive testing method. The testing company Duolingo claimed they accurately calculated the candidate’s English language level.

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How To Prepare For Duolingo English Test

It is important to prepare for any exam before doing that exam. In this section, you will receive tips to help you get the desired score in the Duolingo exam. Here are some best tips that will help you to prepare for Duolingo exam. With these tips, we hope you may receive the response to your question about how to prepare for Duolingo English test. 

Know Your Current English Level

If you start preparing for the Duolingo exam before knowing your existing English level, then you may not be able to receive the desired score. So, it is important to understand your current English level.  For example, if your English level is at beginner level, you should need the proper guidance from an English expert.

Another advice is that you can join any institute and must practice for 2 to 3 months to take the exam. You can practice at home or join the institute if your English is intermediate. You can take an exam in 1 or 2 months. If a student is at the advanced level, then this type of student can take this exam even in a month. 

Take A Duolingo Exam Walkthrough

You need to know what the Duolingo test is. It is also essential for you to understand the exam format before taking it. You can watch the videos of the Duolingo exam that will be available on the official website of Duolingo. On the official website, you will see all the important details regarding the exam in just a video of 4 to 6 minutes.

You can also search on Youtube and Google to learn about the Duolingo exam. If you know with the Duolingo exam, it will become easy to prepare for it and achieve a good score. After learning about the exam format, you will understand the types of questions that come in the exam and also learn how to crack these questions. It is a useful tip on how to prepare for Duolingo English test.

Take A Duolingo Sample Test

Before taking the real test, you should take Duolingo practice tests to help you get to know the test better. One great thing about the Duolingo test is that you can take the test at home. You also don’t need to apply for this exam in advance. When ready to take the test, purchase it from the official Duolingo test website. You can give the exam instantly after purchasing the test. When you take the Duolingo practice exam, you solve all the types of questions that come in during the test. By giving these questions, you can be ready for the test.

Duolingo Speaking Exercises

You must speak for one to three minutes during the speaking section of the exam. You are a general subject that is sometimes challenging for a native speaker.

These questions are created to see how quickly you can learn a topic and how you react to new materials.

You must study any issue relating to politics, education, general conversation topics, and many more to prepare for this type of exam question. While discussing the subject, you need to record yourself and listen to the recording.

The biggest advantage of hearing your voice is that it becomes more comfortable. You will be the only one speaking, just like in the exam, and sometimes students find it uncomfortable to hear their voices. It is also another useful tip on how to prepare for Duolingo English test.

Download The Duolingo Test Official Guide

It would be very useful for you to download the official study guide for the Duolingo English exam. We suggest you pick up a copy of the official study guide, as the test creators are the best resource for guidance, tips, and progress strategy notes. You only need to register on the Duolingo exam’s official website to download the study guide. You can download the exam guide from there after registering.

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Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute!

You are suggested to study for the exam for at least one month or six weeks. You can allow yourself a lot of time for preparation by doing this. The more you practice, the more at home you will feel with the exam. Therefore continue studying until the final day before the test.

If even after a month, you still feel unprepared for the exam, you should not worry. As we already explained, scheduling the exam in advance is unnecessary. Buy and give the test when you are ready. It is the sixth tip on how to prepare for Duolingo English test. 

Real-World English Is Key!

As neither academic nor researchable questions are present in the Duolingo exam.

You must use the question format in everyday situations to be well-prepared for the Duolingo exam questions. For preparation, you can do the following tasks.

  • Listen to English songs.
  • Watch English movies.
  • Try to describe every image or photo you come across.
  • Try reading anything you are reading out loud.

Become Aware Of (CAT) Computer Adaptive Testing

You should know how the Duolingo English test uses the computerized adaptive testing system. When you correctly answer a question on this test, the difficulty level of the next question automatically increases. The next questions get easier if you don’t correctly answer a question. Therefore, the Duolingo English exam works in a way that it can measure your actual level of the language.

Get To Know The Duolingo Question Types

The ninth tip on how to prepare for Duolingo English test is to know the question types. If you look on the exam website, you can discover a lot of information about the different types of questions that will be based on the Duolingo test, but here is some example to get you started:

  1. Fill in the blanks to make words in a text.
  2. Real English and fake English words are available as options (text or audio).
  3. Type a sentence after listening to it.
  4. Make a recording of yourself speaking sentences.
  5. (Writing or speaking) Clearly describe an image.
  6. Compose brief sentences (about 50 words) in answer to a prompt.
  7. Depending on a prompt (text or audio), speak for 30 seconds.
  8. Give a one to three-minute open speech on the given subject.
  9. Write for three to five minutes about the given subject.

Get Familiar With The Test Day Rules

There are some rules that you should follow on exam day. 

Things you must have for the exam

  1. Government-issued photo id (passport)
  2. A quiet room
  3. Good lighting 
  4. Computer with webcam and microphone.
  5. Working internet connection.

Test rules for exam day

  1. Your ears should be visible, and no earphones are allowed. 
  2. It would be best if you were alone in your room. 
  3. No textbook or phone
  4. You can’t leave the exam window
  5. Any communication with anyone is not allowed.

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This blog has discussed the tricks and tips on how to prepare for Duolingo English test. First, we provide the importance of Duolingo for students, which will help you choose the best English exam. After this, we give all the important tips to prepare for the Duolingo exam, which will help you prepare well for this exam. I hope you learned many things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much time should I need to prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

To perform well on Duolingo, you only need two weeks of preparation. You can use the Duolingo online practice tests and sample questions during this time.

Q2. Can I wear headphones during the Duolingo exam?

No, If you use earphones or headphones while taking the Duolingo English Test, your results won’t be accepted, so you must do the exam again.


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