A Complete List Of Duolingo Accepted Universities In USA

Today’s blog will discuss the Duolingo accepted universities in USA. 

The (DET) Duolingo English Test is one of the latest English language proficiency tests for students to prove their proficiency in the English language.

When institutes didn’t conduct the TOEFL and IELTS exams at the time of the Global lockdown, the Duolingo test became popular. 

For Now, more than 100 universities accept the Duolingo test in the USA. 

Before we discuss the Duolingo accepted universities in USA, let’s look at the Duolingo test and the score range. 

What Is Duolingo?

Duolingo is an English language exam for students who want to study in English-speaking nations like

  1. USA 
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. New Zealand
  5. Australia and other countries.

This test is similar to PTE and IELTS because it also measures the Candidate’s language proficiency by measuring their English skills in Speaking, Writing, Reading, and writing. 

Duolingo is a computer-based test; students can take it from their homes. The benefit of this test is that they don’t need to go to any center to take it.

Duolingo Test duration is around 1 hour, including instructions time. It is a time-based test, so there will be a time limit to complete every question. You need to complete every question in a given time. 

The score range of this test is between 10 to 160. 

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Analysis Of Duolingo Scores 

Score RangeProficiency 
10 to 55 Basic 
60 to 85 Intermediate 
90 to 115Upper-Intermediate 
125 to 160 Advanced 

So, Let’s move on to Duolingo accepted universities in USA without wasting more time. 

Duolingo Accepted Universities In USA

The USA is the dream country for many students. The reason for studying in the US is that it has many universities in the top 100 universities of the world. 

Also, The US university Degree is well-recognized around the world. Below is a table of top US Universities with their minimum score that accepts the Duolingo test.   

Duolingo Accepted Universities In USA Score Required 
Yale University 120
Cornell University 120
New York University 130
Massachusetts Institute of Technology120
Pennsylvania State University120
University of California Berkeley115
Johns Hopkins University120
Washington University105
Northeastern University105
University of Utah105
Arizona State University105
Colorado State University110
Oregon State University110
University of Alabama120
Illinois State University105
Baylor University125
Auburn University90
University of Cincinnati105
University of Dayton105
University of Massachusetts105
California State University Northridge,95
Kent State University110
University of Nevada105
University of Missouri–St. Louis100
The University of Memphis100
Texas A & M University105
DePaul University90
University of New Haven125
Illinois Institute of Technology110
Hofstra University120
Sacred Heart University110
University of Maryland120
University of Albany110
American University120
San Jose State University120
University of New Hampshire105
Loyola University105
Northern Arizona University105

These are some top Duolingo accepted universities in the USA.

Other Duolingo Accepted Universities In USA

Here is the list of other colleges and Duolingo accepted universities in USA.

  1. The University of Colorado
  2. The University of Chicago
  3. The University of West Florida
  4. Indianan University
  5. Southeastern University
  6. Iowa State University
  7. Boston College 
  8. The University of Kansas
  9. Rice University
  10. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  11. The University of Kentucky
  12. The University of Pittsburgh
  13. The University of Vermont
  14. Washington University
  15. Johns Hopkins University
  16. The University of California Berkeley
  17. Pennsylvania State University
  18. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  19. California State University, Los Angeles
  20. Alliant International University
  21. Adelphi  University
  22. Chemeketa Community College
  23. College of San Mateo
  24. Colorado Mesa University
  25. Drew University
  26. Florida Atlantic University
  27. Florida Institute of Technology
  28. Full Sail University
  29. Swarthmore College 
  30. Vanderbilt University
  31. Stanford University
  32. NYU Stern School of Business
  33. Seattle Pacific University
  34. Carnegie Mellon University 
  35. California State University
  36. The University of Nevada Las Vegas 
  37. Marshall University
  38. The University of Houston
  39. University of Maryland Global Campus
  40. The University of Pittsburgh 
  41. Washington University in St. Louis 
  42. Temple University Fox School of Business
  43. California Polytechnic State University
  44. Boston University Graduate and Professional Programs
  45. Carnegie Mellon University
  46. George Mason University
  47. Northwestern University 
  48. California State University 
  49. Regis University
  50. Harvard Medical School
  51. University of Oklahoma
  52. Clark University
  53. Western Michigan University
  54. Texas A&M University
  55. Northern Illinois University

So these are the Duolingo accepted universities in USA.

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Minimum Duolingo Score Required For USA

The required Duolingo score for the USA depends on the course and the university you want to choose. Some colleges and universities accept your application at the Duolingo score of 90, and some others need a minimum score of 110. For studying in America, the universities need mostly more than 110 Duolingo scores; you are suggested to aim for a minimum of 120 Duolingo scores to take admission to the top universities in the USA. 

Other Countries That Accept Duolingo Test 

After knowing Duolingo accepted universities in USA and their minimum required score for admission in the top universities in the USA. Now, we will talk about some other countries that also accept the Duolingo exam as proof of the English language proficiency exam.

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Kyrgyzstan
  4. Romania
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. Lebanon
  7. Rwanda
  8. Germany
  9. Venezuela
  10. Thailand
  11. France
  12. Peru
  13. Kazakhstan
  14. Indonesia
  15. Mexico
  16. Afghanistan
  17. Senegal
  18. Nicaragua
  19. Singapore
  20. BrazilItaly
  21. Japan
  22. Panama
  23. Switzerland

Why Choose The Duolingo Test Instead Of PTE? 

The Duolingo test has many advantages instead of PTE.

Duolingo PTE 
Place of Exam You can take this according to your suitable place.This test only counts when you take this test from the center.
Exam Duration 1 hour 2 hours 15 minutes 
Exam Result Available within 2 days of taking the test Available within 5 business days after taking the exam.
Score Ranges 10 to 16010 to 90
Fees INR 3800INR 15900

1. Place of Exam: 

To take the Duolingo test, you don’t need to go to a center; you can take this test from your home and any other suitable place. But you will need only a quiet and well-lighted area. 

According To Pearson, you can take the PTE test at home, but these scores can not count for visa or immigration purposes. At home, you can use the PTE test for preparation. But your scores are only counted if you take the PTE test from the exam center. 

2. Exam Duration

The Duolingo exam is shorter than the PTE exam. 

The Duolingo exam is only a 1-hour test. For the First 45 minutes, your test will take place, and the remaining time will be used for the interview section for universities. 

But the PTE exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. 

3. Quick Results 

The exam result of Duolingo is speedy. Your Duolingo exam result is delivered within 48 hours of taking the exam and shared with you through Email. 

But the PTE result will be declared within 5 business days of taking the exam.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed the Duolingo accepted universities in USA. We have explained the Duolingo exam and the score breakdown of Duolingo before mentioning the name of the universities. We have provided the US universities’ names that accept the Duolingo exam with their required score.

Also, we provide 50+ other universities that also take the Duolingo exam. With this information, we hope you choose the best university for admission based on your Duolingo score.  We hope you enjoyed this post and learned many things about Duolingo accepted universities in USA. For more information, keep visiting HitPTE

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How many Duolingo scores are required for the USA? 

The score needed for the Duolingo test accepted by universities in the USA usually lies in the range of 105-120. A score above 120 is considered good in graduate study programs like Master in Civil Engineering, MS in Finance, MBA, etc.

Q2. How many years is the Duolingo score valid for?

The Duolingo test score is valid for only two years.

Q3.Which countries accept Duolingo?

Duolingo is accepted by the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, China, Japan, Ireland, Thailand, and European countries (Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, and Hungary.)


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